Tata Motors

31st July 2023

Foxconn/Tata Motors Consortium Hope BlackBerry Can Boost BEV Adoption

BlackBerry’s software platform has been chosen to power an open ecosystem aimed at boosting BEV adoption by a consortium backed by Foxconn and Tata Motors. The Mobility in Harmony...


8th August 2022

Ford Sells Indian Production Plant to Tata Motors

Ford is the latest western automotive brand to finally pull the plug on its India production operations agreeing to sell out to domestic giant Tata Motors. The BBC reports...


3rd June 2022

Poor EV Battery Safety Threatens Indian Market’s Growth

Poor battery safety issues are threatening the uptake of what many expect to be a burgeoning EV market in India. That’s the view of analysts at GlobalData who point...


10th May 2022

Toyota Bets Big on BEV Prospects in India

Toyota is betting on India becoming the next global hot-spot for EV adoption following its $530M investment in the country. That’s the view of GlobalData’ senior automotive consulting analyst,...


23rd April 2021

JLR Forced to Stop Production Lacking Semi-Conductors

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is being forced to shut two of its main vehicle production plants owing to the global drought of semi-conductors. While the shortage has hit all...


5th January 2021

Vehicle Subscription Services Taking hold in India

Car subscription has never been a popular choice for private car buyers in India where many take pride in owning a car as an asset. However, while car subscription...

By Simmi Sinha


13th August 2020

Automakers Risk Missing Diesel Boat in India

Automakers have been warned not to can all its diesel powertrains for its products in India because the demand remains for many consumers. While admitting rising costs and tightening...


24th September 2019

Tata Switches to High Performance, High Cost EV Motor

Tata Motors is switching focus with its EV motors aiming to improve range and performance. It has announced the use of a permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor in its...


23rd August 2019

What MaaS Really Means For Automakers

As with nearly every issue in auto technology, there’s a wide difference of opinions on mobility-as-a-service (MaaS). Some industry professionals and pundits believe it’s the bright, shining future of...

By Eric Volkman


20th February 2017

Weekly Brief: IBM and Visa want the credit card car

The race is on for in-car payment capabilities with tech giants taking on automotive players Shell and Jaguar. Andrew Tolve reports. At the grand opening of its $200M (£161M)...


6th February 2017

Weekly Brief: Uber drivers to lose out to self-driving Mercedes-Benz

Daimler becomes the first carmaker to jump on the open Uber ridesharing network. Andrew Tolve reports. The day when anyone can hail a self-driving Uber is rapidly approaching and,...