20th July 2022

Japanese Automakers’ Association to Explore Clean ICE Potential

Toyota has joined with other Japanese automakers to establish an organization tasked with finding new fuels to allow ICE powertrains to take part in lowering greenhouse gases. It has...


24th June 2022

Recall as ‘Wheels Come Off’ Toyota’s First BEV

Toyota is having to recall the early production models of its first BEV owing to faulty wheels that are at risk of falling off the vehicle. The BBC reports...


17th June 2022

Tesla Tops Autonomous ADAS Crash Table

Pressure is mounting on the safety record of Tesla’s Autopilot cruise control software with 273 reported crashes with the systems engaged in the US since July last year, according...

17th February 2022

Yamaha Latest Automaker Promoting Hydrogen Powered ICE

Yamaha has become another Japanese automaker keen to reprise the technology of ICE powertrains fired by hydrogen. It is developing a high-performance hydrogen engine under commission from longtime partner...


12th November 2021

Subaru Debuts its First BEV SUV

Subaru has unveiled its first BEV, unsurprisingly for the brand beloved of the rural farming community, as a SUV. The Solterra is squarely aimed at the loyal band of...


12th May 2021

Subaru risks Fall to Earth while Reaching for BEV Sun

Subaru has announced the name for its first global BEV developed in collaboration with Toyota, the Solterra. Derived rather grandiosely from the Latin for sun and earth, the name...


28th April 2021

Japanese Automakers Take on Telcos in V2V Comms Battle

A group of Japanese automotive giants are taking up the digital cudgels in a bid to grab the initiative in the battle with telecoms companies for dominance in the...


15th December 2020

Subaru’s European BEV Poses a Brand Dilemma

Subaru has announced its plans to launch a full BEV for the European market that could sound the death knell for the brand’s individuality. That’s because Subaru has for...


31st August 2020

Weekly Brief: Automakers Must Stop Marketing ‘Dangerous’ Automated Tech

A Tesla driver traveling westbound on US Highway 64 in Nash County, North Carolina, slammed his Model S into a sheriff’s car last week. The force of the impact...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th July 2020

Software Standards for the Connected Car

By having cross-industry collaborations it becomes possible to define common software development standards. That’s the opinion of Adi Singh, product manager for the robotics and automotive verticals at Canonical....

By Graham Jarvis


18th May 2020

Weekly Brief: Delusional Musk Won’t Stop the Virus-Savvy Innovators

After a month of stalled assembly lines and shuttered factories, the North American automotive industry is coming back to life. Carmakers began to reopen their factories last week as...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


23rd March 2020

Weekly Brief: Automotive’s Virus Lockdown a Time to Reflect

The threat of a widespread lockdown across the automotive industry turned into a reality last week, as the coronavirus continued to unleash chaos around the world. All major automakers...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve