11th February 2019

Two EV Models Announced by Subaru

Subaru will launch its e-Boxer electric car range at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show next month. Few details are being released so far beyond the carmaker’s intention to...


8th February 2019

Blower Returns to Subaru’s Boxer Powertrain

A collective ‘Hurrah’ has gone up among Subaru sporting saloon fans with the reintroduction of a forced induction Boxer motor for its Legacy model. The Subaru Legacy XT echoes...


18th September 2018

Nvidia Partnering to Bring Driverless Virtual Testing into Real World

Gaming giant Nvidia has announced a partnership it hopes will resolve discrepancies that arise between real-world and virtual driverless vehicle testing. It has signed an agreement with British drive...


8th June 2018

Day Two TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Partnerships and data to drive forward

The connected-car industry is coming together, for real. Susan Kuchinskas wraps up the second day in Novi, Michigan. Continued from Day One. The importance of breaking down siloes and...


9th May 2018

Subaru’s EyeSight ADAS Tech Wins Praise in HLDI Study

The HLDI study found that Subaru's EyeSight ADAS technology helped reduce pedestrian crashes.


2nd February 2018

Subaru Also Investing in American Center for Mobility

Subaru joins Toyota, Ford and others as investors in the Michigan's American Center for Mobility.


28th April 2017

Radicals are bit players in car of the future

2030 is not that far away in car-platform years. Some experts say the 2030 model year vehicles are already on some designers’ drawing boards. The biggest influences dictating design,...


6th February 2017

Weekly Brief: Uber drivers to lose out to self-driving Mercedes-Benz

Daimler becomes the first carmaker to jump on the open Uber ridesharing network. Andrew Tolve reports. The day when anyone can hail a self-driving Uber is rapidly approaching and,...


26th September 2016

Weekly Brief: US regulators test guidelines boost for autonomous

The US government has just issued comprehensive guidelines governing driverless cars and it's about dang time, many believe. Because for the past two years of self-driving cars have been...


17th August 2016

Making ADAS relevant in a driverless world

Recently ABI Research forecast that the ADAS market will be worth $132Bn (£90Bn) by 2026 and, by the end of 2016, analysts believe it will be worth a staggering...


20th June 2016

Weekly Brief: Local Motors and IBM debut self-driving 3D-printed car

There is little that connected cars can’t do these days. A platoon of self-driving trucks? No problem. A car that parks itself and integrates with smart home technology? Easy....


6th June 2016

It’s a nightmare for ‘Suicide Seb’ at Mcity!

As far as vehicle transportation is concerned, the city of the future is here. Appropriately located not far from Detroit is Mcity, an outdoor testing facility for connected and...