8th March 2023

Opel Joins Driverless Pilot Aimed at Urban Mobility

Opel has joined a German autonomous driving pilot in a bid to develop a fully functioning driverless city-focused prototype within the next two years. The joint project STADT:up hopes...


13th February 2023

Weekly Brief: GM Exploits Entertainment Route to EV Promotion

General Motors won the Super Bowl with a 60-second TV commercial featuring comedic legend Will Ferrell driving an EV through some of Netflix’s biggest hits. He was seen getting...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


1st February 2023

Autotech and Connectivity: A Tale of Two Cities at CES and MWC

This is an exciting time of the year for anyone interested in connectivity and the automotive industry. It is the midpoint between the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las...

By Steve Bell, Chief Analyst, Connectivity at Informa Tech Automotive Group


26th January 2023

Automakers Against Stampede to BEV Dominance

When the president of the world’s biggest carmaker talks, people listen. So, when Akio Toyoda said, in September of last year, that bans on ICE cars within 10 to...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


13th January 2023

Connected Autonomous Vehicles will Evolve the Digital Economy

With a growing data influx from connected and autonomous vehicles, automakers their partners and third-party organisations are  looking to develop connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) as a key platform for...

By Graham Jarvis


9th January 2023

Automakers Dominate Debuts at CES 2023

After two years of pandemic interference, the Consumer Electronics Show was back in full force last week with a larger than ever automotive presence. More than 300 auto-related presenters...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th January 2023

Peugeot Teases US with BEV Concept Debut

Probably the most striking aspect of Peugeot’s debut of its Inception Concept car at 2023 Consumer Electronics Show is why the brand chose the Las Vegas event. That’s because...


23rd December 2022

Stellantis Targets US with Planned Hydrogen Fuel Cell Acquisition

Stellantis is hoping to accelerate its global capabilities in hydrogen fuel cell powertrains with the acquisition of a leading French hydrogen technology company. Faurecia, Michelin and Stellantis have jointly...


22nd December 2022

Stellantis Completes Acquisition of aiMotive

While big players like Volkswagen and Ford have shied away from continued autonomous driving investment, auto group Stellantis is doubling down on the technology. It has announced that it...


15th December 2022

Peugeot’s CES Concept Launch Heralds Return to US Market?

Peugeot has published the first official detail images of its Inception Concept BEV ahead of its global debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The automaker...


5th December 2022

Stellantis Targets Electric Retrofit LCV Market

Stellantis is entering the retrofit electric powertrain market targeting urban last-mile light commercial vehicles. The automaker has teamed up with retrofit specialist Qinomic to create a proof of concept...


23rd November 2022

Software is the Cost Effective Branding Tool, Stellantis

While BEV powertrains and increasingly modular vehicle production challenge the automaker’s ability to differentiate its products, software could hold the answer. That’s the opinion of Stellantis’s chief software officer,...