Sono Motors

23rd January 2023

Aptera Claims will be First to Solar Car Series Production

While solar assisted car company Sono Motors has grabbed most of the headlines, it’s US rival Aptera Motors that’s claiming to be bringing series production of a vehicle first...

9th December 2022

Sono Motors Calls for Crowdfunding to Save its Solar Car

Sono Motors is returning to crowdfunding in a last-ditch attempt to rescue plans for series production of its solar-assisted car, the Sion. In a statement released this week, CEOs...


22nd November 2022

Continental Joins Sono Motors in Solar Car Push

Continental has joined the project to get solar-assisted EVs on the road by next year with its agreement with German solar mobility automaker Sono Motors. Continental Engineering Services (CES),...


30th September 2022

Lightyear’s 2022 Target for Long-Range Solar Car Production

A Dutch automotive start-up says it has successfully completed the first pre-production model of the world’s first long-range solar powered passenger vehicle. Valmet Automotive says the Uusikaupunki car plant...


28th July 2022

Shining a Light on Automotive Solar Power

Solar technology has been with us for decades – the promise of free and abundant energy from the sun is an irresistible lure to humankind. It was only natural...

By Eric Volkman


17th April 2019

Former Saab Factory to Make First Production Solar Car

The first production version of a solar power EV will be constructed in the former Swedish factory of the now defunct Saab brand. The Trollhättan production plant run by...


30th January 2019

Bosch Teams Up With Solar EV Automaker

German electronics giant Bosch has teamed up with a prospective EV automaker that incorporates solar panels into its cars to boost range. Sono Motors has announced that Bosch will...