22nd April 2019

Weekly Brief: Uber’s Toyota Backing Can Only Work When Robots Replace Drivers

Uber’s self-driving car division just got a billion-dollar vote of confidence from Toyota and friends. Uber revealed last week that Toyota and automotive supplier Denso will invest $667M in...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


Toyota Branches into Mobility with SoftBank Partnership
4th October 2018

Toyota Branches into Mobility with SoftBank Partnership

Toyota is partnering with SoftBank to develop mobility services. They plan to form a joint venture company, MONET (MObility NETwork), by next spring. The aim of the JV will...


20th July 2018

Startup Light Nets $121M in Funding From Softbank & Leica

Bay Area startup focused on 3D imaging believes its camera and sensor technologies can replace Lidar.


1st June 2018

AVs Accelerate: Cruise Gets More Cash & Waymo More Cars

It turned into a big day for autonomous vehicles. GM's Cruise division got an infusion of cash from SoftBank and Waymo is signing up for more Fiat Chrysler minivans.


20th November 2017

Weekly Brief: Tesla unveils an all-electric semi-autonomous big rig

A slew of companies, including Walmart, are lining up to preorder the Tesla Semi. Andrew Tolve reports. Gas-guzzling big rigs may soon be a thing of the past and...


31st July 2017

Weekly Brief: Tesla’s ‘dodgem’ for the masses

The wait is over as an ‘affordable’ Tesla electric car comes to market. Andrew Tolve reports. When Elon Musk founded Tesla 14 years ago, he promised to usher in...