Sensible 4

4th May 2023

Sensible 4 Targets Swiss City Center in Latest AV Pilot

Finnish autonomous driving specialist Sensible 4 has begun its latest driverless pilot trial in the more complex environment of a Swiss city center. The company has teamed up with...


2nd February 2023

Sensible 4 Claims Proven Driverless Tech in Artic Conditions

Autonomous technology specialist Sensible 4 claims a world first in proving its automated driving systems worked in a long-term trial within the Artic Circle. The trial, spanning three seasons,...


6th October 2022

Four-Year European Autonomous Project Launched

A four-year project to explore the practical application of driverless vehicles on European roads has begun. The European Union-funded Horizon Europe project ROADVIEW hopes to strengthen the continent’s competence...


9th August 2022

Sensible 4 Takes its AV Technology to Market

Finnish autonomous driving specialist Sensible 4 has launched its first commercial product claiming driverless capabilities in severe winter conditions without road markings. Its Dawn platform is the culmination of...


3rd June 2022

Autonomous Trial by Sensible 4 to Start in Tokyo

Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4 will be running trials of its technology in Japan following the opening of its Tokyo office. The company known for successful driverless shuttle...


3rd May 2022

Driverless Kitted Toyotas ‘Handled Artic Snow Storms’

An autonomous driving technology company is claiming its systems can cope with the worst that winter Artic conditions can through at it. Sensible 4 says it has carried out...


25th January 2022

Finnish AV Pilot Claims Arctic Conditions Success

A Finnish driverless technology specialist is claiming success of proving the concept can handle extreme winter conditions of ice and snow near the Arctic Circle. The autonomous shuttle bus...


30th July 2021

Driverless Tech Must Ride Out the Storms to Come

Navigation products are being released all the time promising drivers the ability to take into account extreme weather conditions. Matthew Avery, director of insurance research at Thatcham Research, reminds...

By Graham Jarvis

29th June 2021

Wild and Woolly Driverless Tech Testing in Norway

Oslo kicked off its plans to integrate autonomous vehicles into its network transport network in January 2021 with a year-long autonomous vehicle trial. The city’s transport network is operated...

By Graham Jarvis


3rd February 2020

Simultaneous AV Bus Trials for Five European Cities

Five European cities will host simultaneous autonomous public transport bus fleets in what is, arguably, the natural home for driverless technology. Three consortiums of companies have been awarded the...


15th March 2019

All-Weather Autonomous Bus Hits Helsinki

An all-weather autonomous shuttle bus co-developed by an autonomous vehicle start-up and a lifestyle retailer has been launched in Helsinki. The GACHA’s technology was developed by Finnish start-up Sensible...


Retail, AV Companies Developing All-Weather Autonomous Bus
5th November 2018

Retail, AV Companies Developing All-Weather Autonomous Bus

A Japanese household goods retailer is joining forces with a Finnish autonomous vehicle start-up to develop a self-driving shuttle bus for all weather conditions. MUJI and Sensible 4 are...