Renault Zoe

31st March 2023

Renault Claims Production Cost Cut for new BEV Platform

Renault has revealed details of its future generations of BEVs using a new electric specific platform to make its first appearance in the Renault 5 next year. An extensive...


20th November 2020

Renault Claims Success with Three-Year AV Project

Renault says it has completed its three-year real-world autonomous driving project claiming success with both its technology and consumer confidence. Starting in September 2017 in a region to the...


27th July 2020

Renault Says ‘Appy to go EV’ in Landmark 3-Year Trial

Renault has chosen one of the remotest towns in France to prove that its BEVs can cope with everyday life for all of the inhabitants. The automaker wants to...


16th July 2020

The Disrupters: The Mobility Game Post Pandemic

COVID-19 has presented fresh challenges to shared mobility companies. Job cuts and a near-total absence of customers for various time periods in many cases, while cities face budget shortfalls...

By Robert Gray


26th February 2020

Renault Launches Paris Car-Share Operation

While other automakers are scaling back on their mobility plans, Renault has ramped them up with the launch of a new car-share scheme in Paris. It has teamed up...


18th June 2019

Renault Beefs Up Zoe

Renault has boosted power and range with its second generation Zoe electric hatchback. The new Zoe has a larger, 52 kWh battery and a more powerful, 100 kW electric...


15th May 2019

Renault to Trial Autonomous Tech on Paris University Campus

Renault is putting an autonomous bus and a fleet of autonomous Renault Zoes into service in the university quarter in Paris, the company has announced. The bus service, which...


15th November 2018

Malta Turns to Renault for First EV Car-Share Club

The Maltese Government is forging ahead with its mission to promote electric vehicle transport by ordering a 150 fleet of Renault Zoe superminis for the island’s first car-sharing club....


16th October 2018

EV Service Costs Headache for Dealers

A study has shown that EV owners are enjoying a huge dividend on service cost savings, presenting fresh challenges to dealers who will lose out against ICE vehicle revenues....