5th April 2022

Polestar Wins 65,000 Car Deal with Hertz

Car rental giant, Hertz, is not putting all its BEV eggs in the Tesla basket having announced a 65,000 vehicle order with Swedish premium automaker Polestar. The deal follows...


3rd March 2022

Polestar Puts Faith in Silent Drop-Top Sports Car

Polestar has unveiled its first BEV sports car hoping to break into some of the performance luxury market that Porsche has so far been exploiting. The exclusively BEV premium...


23rd February 2022

Polestar Rounds Up Suppliers in Carbon Neutral Bid

Polestar is bringing together its key suppliers in a bid to achieve the climate neutral car it is aiming to build. The premium BEV sub-brand of Volvo has announced...


14th February 2022

Weekly Brief: EV Salesmen Match Super Bowl Players’ Efforts Off Field

Dr Evil, the Greek God Zeus, an illiterate caveman and a robotic dog banded together to hail the EV revolution Sunday night at the Super Bowl. Automakers have a...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


8th December 2021

Polestar’s First OTA Performance Boost Takes Off

Polestar has boosted power for its Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor for the first time deploying software upgrades to performance features on its vehicles. The upgrade, available in...


4th October 2021

Weekly Brief: BEVs Light Up Luxury and LCV Markets

The most expensive electric vehicle in the world is ready for market. The first customer-grade Lucid Air sedans trundled off the assembly line at Lucid Motors’ manufacturing plant in...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


8th July 2021

Polestar Readies BEV Concept for Market

Polestar has committed to turning its BEV Precept concept car unveiled last year into a market ready product. It has announced the car is under full-scale development and on...


7th May 2021

Polestar Points the Way with In-Cab Video App

In a clear nod towards the perceived future of in-cabin entertainment, Polestar has developed its own video streaming app for Polestar 2. The beta app, which is available now...


11th March 2021

Polestar Eyes Up Cargo e-Scooter Sector

Polestar has collaborated with e-mobility designers in the creation of last mile e-scooter cargo delivery vehicles. The project, Re:Move, aims to exploit the changes in societal mobility since the...


25th February 2021

Polestar 2 Gets Upgraded OTA Features

Polestar has upgraded its over-the-air (OTA) capabilities for Polestar 2 vehicles boosting both maintenance access and customer safety and convenience features. Since December 2020, Polestar 2 owners in all...


2nd October 2020

Volvo Starts Production of its Own BEVs

While Volvo’s premium EV sub-brand is grabbing all the electrification headlines, the Swedish parent company has begun its own pure electric push. It has announced that production has begun...


28th September 2020

Polestar Commits to its ‘Commitment’ Car

Premium BEV manufacturer Polestar has promised to put its concept, or “commitment” car, the Precept into full production. The car, claiming leading eco-friendly credentials, had been unveiled ahead of...