6th December 2018

Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Sharing Service: Why It Matters

After much hype, Waymo One, the company's commercial ride-sharing, is here. Here's why it matters.


1st August 2018

Waymo & Phoenix Look to Improve Public Transportation

Waymo's self-driving vehicles could help connect Phoenix residents with first- and last-mile transport services to public transportation networks within the city.


26th July 2018

Waymo’s Driverless Cars Will Take Some Shoppers to Walmart

As Waymo prepares its self-driving taxi fleet for later this year, the company is partnering with Walmart to offer rides to its stores.


23rd July 2018

Waymo CEO: Self-Driving Cars Racking Up 25,000 Miles a Day

Waymo CEO John Krafcik announced that the company's self-driving vehicles have passed the 8-million-mile mark on public rounds, which means its cars are traveling about 25,000 miles every day.


23rd May 2018

Waymo Could Dominate $2.8T Self-Driving Market

A UBS study finds that Waymo is poised to take about 60% of a $2.8 trillion market for self-driving vehicles.


9th May 2018

Waymo Set for Public Driverless Ride Service This Year

The Waymo driverless ride service announcement from CEO John Krafcik at Google I/O comes as new information about Uber's fatal crash surfaces.


15th March 2018

Waymo Video Puts Shiny Happy People in Autonomous Minivans

With the company planning a major expansion of its self-driving car pilot program in Phoenix, Waymo greases the PR wheels with short video.


23rd February 2018

Utah Moves to Legalize Self-Driving Cars

Utah is the latest state to embrace self-driving and autonomous vehicles for testing.


21st February 2018

Arizona OKs Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Hailing Service

Waymo is about to not only step into Uber's turf with a ride-sharing service in Phoenix, but the company also plans to take this service one step further.


30th January 2018

Waymo Orders ‘Thousands’ of Pacifica Hybrid Minivans

Waymo plans to expand its self-driving, ride-hailing services across the US, and has now ordered 'thousands' of Chrysler Pacifica minivans as part of that effort.


4th January 2018

Waymo Finds Insurer to Protect Its Driverless Vans

Trov will offer trip insurance for Waymo's forthcoming ride-hailing service in Phoenix.