26th September 2018

NTSB Calls for Standards on Automated Pedestrian Detection

The NTSB is recommending that lawmakers set new rules for pedestrian collision avoidance systems, along with new standards for headlights, to help reduce fatalities on US roads.


13th July 2018

Uber Replacing AV Driver Job With Specialist Role

As Uber plans to restart its autonomous vehicle testing in Pittsburgh, the company is replacing some workers and addressing other safety concerns.


25th June 2018

Fatal Uber Crash Probe Finds Driver Was Streaming Video

In a report, police investigators found that the backup driver in the Uber vehicle that fatally struck a pedestrian had been streaming a TV show before the accident.


31st May 2018

NTSB Report on Uber Crash May Shake Up AV Testing

Last week's NTSB report on the fatal crash involving an Uber autonomous vehicle and a pedestrian is a windows into how politicians and the public are rethinking self-driving technology.


25th May 2018

Emergency Braking Was Disabled Before Fatal Uber AV Crash

The self-driving Uber SUV that killed a pedestrian in Arizona earlier this year had its automatic braking system turned off to prevent erratic driving, the National Transportation Safety Board...


9th May 2018

Subaru’s EyeSight ADAS Tech Wins Praise in HLDI Study

The HLDI study found that Subaru's EyeSight ADAS technology helped reduce pedestrian crashes.


29th March 2018

Uber Reportedly Settles With Family of Fatal Crash Victim

Uber and the family of Elaine Herzberg, who was killed earlier this month when she was struck by a self-driving SUV in Arizona, have reportedly settled, according to NPR.


20th March 2018

Fatal Uber Crash Spurs Call for Nationwide AV Test Ban

While a preliminary police report indicates Uber is not at fault in a crash that killed a woman in Arizona, advocacy groups are calling for an autonomous vehicle test...


19th March 2018

Uber Suspends All Self-Driving Tests Following Fatal Crash

Following a fatal crash involving a pedestrian in Arizona, Uber has suspended all its self-driving testing until further notice.