16th November 2020

Weekly Brief: Uber Could be Ditching its AV Dream

Uber could be selling its self-driving car division and appears to have found a potential buyer in rival autonomous vehicle start-up Aurora. The two have been negotiating the terms...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


10th August 2020

Weekly Brief: Levandowski – Once Upon Today in America

Former Waymo and Uber self-driving car-whiz kid, Anthony Levandowski was sentenced last week to 18 months in federal prison for stealing trade secrets. Levandowski will also pay a $95,000...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th June 2019

Weekly Brief: Walmart Joins Self-Driving Delivery Push

Want a sneak peek of the robot revolution? Travel down to your local Walmart, where human employees are being replaced by robots for a range of activities. There’s the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


8th February 2018

Waymo vs. Uber: How Potential Partnership Turned Into Rivalry

During testimony this week, Uber founder Travis Kalanick claimed that he tried to start a partnership with Google's Waymo division, before the company hired its own engineers to start...


6th February 2018

Waymo Paints Uber’s Kalanick as a Cheat During Trial’s First Day

The long-awaited trial between Waymo and Uber opened Monday, with lawyers painting Travis Kalanick as a cheat. Attorneys for the ride-sharing leader countered, saying the Google-backed project was falling...


5th February 2018

Waymo, Uber Head to Court With Eyes on Autonomy’s Future

After several delays, the long-awaited trial between Waymo and Uber will start this week in a federal court in San Francisco. The lawsuit could determine the future of autonomous...


5th January 2018

Baidu Accuses Former AV Executive of Stealing Secrets

Baidu's autonomous vehicle claims are similar to Waymo's ongoing lawsuit against Uber.


9th June 2017

Carmakers shifting up from hardware into services

Automakers are facing the biggest disruption to their traditional business model, ever. No longer is selling cars to dealerships and then obtaining aftermarket revenues from servicing and repairs enough....


8th May 2017

Weekly Brief: Uber’s driverless programme survives theft charge… for now

Waymo is searching for a smoking gun to bring Uber’s self-driving car programme to its knees. Andrew Tolve reports. Uber's self-driving car programme lives to fight another day. Despite a...


27th February 2017

Weekly Brief: Peugeot push the driverless envelope at MWC

Carmaker chooses communications tech conference to showcase its autonomous sports car and personal assistant. Paul Myles and Andrew Tolve report. French manufacturer Peugeot chose this week’s Mobile World Congress 2017 in...


2nd December 2016

Truck platooning set to move out of slow lane

Change is coming to the world of transportation as we move closer to truly connected fleets. Advanced safety features leading to full autonomy will make today’s truck drivers and...


23rd August 2016

Weekly Brief: Ford vows to produce mainstream robot car by 2021

A century ago Ford revolutionised the automotive industry with the advent of the assembly line and its first mainstream product, the Model T. Fast forward a hundred years and...