Octo Telematics

24th November 2021

Automakers About to Shake Up the Insurance Industry

Elon Musk recently announced Tesla’s intent to launch a usage-based insurance (UBI) product in Texas. The move came after General Motors and Ford launched their own telematics insurance programs...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd July 2021

Ford Partners with Octo for Embedded UBI

Ford has opted to partner with an established UBI provider to secure insurance needs for its customers. It has announced an agreement with Octo Telematics to embed its predictive...


14th October 2020

Saving MaaS Post Pandemic

Disgust. It’s an instinct embedded in our genes since the Paleolithic Age, designed to keep us healthy by making us instinctively avoid contagion. In the age of this pandemic,...

By Susan Kuchinskas


26th June 2019

Telematics Not the Only Answer to Reducing Insurers’ Risks

It wasn’t so long ago that an automobile was a free-ranging universe all its own. The only real connection it had with the outside world occurred when someone inside...

By Eric Volkman

11th March 2019

Autonomous Tech Costs Could Reshape Auto Insurance Risks

Insurance is a key topic surrounding who will be liable for the safety and repair of autonomous vehicles but the legal intricacies could be far more complex than many...

By Louis Bedigian


6th September 2018

Day One: Connected Car Insurance USA 2018

What will it take to become Amazon of insurers, Susan Kuchinskas tries to find out. Consumers are picky and spoiled by Amazon. As Shawn Broadfield, vice-president of claims innovation...


25th May 2018

Hooking consumers up to the benefits of UBI

How UBI can enhance the customer experience, explored by Guy Bird. The case for UBI stands to reason really: the more information your increasingly-connected car can generate, the more...


1st December 2017

UBI and driver behaviour: what really works?

Data results show driver feedback within UBI programmes do result in reductions in the behaviours used to assess risk yet there remains of plenty of room to grow, not...


16th October 2017

Weekly Brief: Coming to your mailbox soon, self-driving mail trucks

The US Postal Service is looking to reinvent itself and save millions through self-driving tech. Andrew Tolve reports. Snail mail is about to go semi-autonomous: the US Postal Service...


10th July 2017

Weekly Brief: Volvo begins drive towards full electrification

With one statement, Volvo raised the EV bar for every other carmaker in the world. Andrew Tolve reports. Call it bold or bonkers, reckless or really good business. One...


23rd June 2017

Consumers to demand ‘sweetheart’ deals from UBI

The way people shop for insurance is changing at a radical pace with online aggregators now firmly fixed as the new standard, enabling consumers to enjoy a broker-like experience...


2nd May 2017

Weekly Brief: Waymo starts offering free autonomous trips in Arizona

Google self-driving taxis just came one step closer to fruition. Andrew Tolve reports. Phoenix, Arizona, doesn’t feel like the face of the future. Plopped down in the north eastern...