9th October 2018

Ford Reorganization Won’t Affect AV, Smart Mobility Units

While Ford is looking to slash positions in some of the older parts of the company, newer, more innovative areas such as autonomous vehicles and smart mobility will remain...


10th September 2018

Mercedes LCV Future Hopes to Tick All the Boxes

Mercedes-Benz Vans has unveiled its Vision URBANETIC light commercial vehicle concept combining autonomous, mobility and sustainable fuel powertrains technologies. The automaker claims the concept “eliminates the separation between people...


6th September 2018

Auto Infrastructure Depends on Partnerships, Says City Hall

Detroit looking at smart infrastructure and who will pay for it, Garry Bulluck tells Louis Bedigian. Smart infrastructure could be one of the most challenging and costly aspects of...


8th August 2018

Connecting All Mobility Solutions in a Single IoT Hub

How future mobility service providers’ relationships could evolve, explored by Simmi Sinha. The innovation in digital technologies are transforming vehicles and how we interact with them, they are also...


25th July 2018

GM’s Maven Tries Letting Owners Share Their Cars

Trying to cash in on the car-sharing and ride-sharing trend, GM's Maven program will now allow car owners to rent out their vehicles in select cities.


9th July 2018

Mobility-as-a-Service Requires Platform Agility

Agility and adaptability are not terms that you would normally associate with auto manufacturers. By digital standards, their product development cycles are long, usually between three to four years,...


12th June 2018

Mercedes Pro Digital Services Debut Alongside Sprinter Van

Mercedes' digital management suite lets fleet managers and drivers share information regarding location and other vital statistics. The service launched alongside the company's new Sprinter van.


18th May 2018

Automated Parking Assist Coming Soon to UK Roads

The UK will start letting its drivers use an ADAS platform to remotely park vehicles starting next month, as long as they are in or within 25 feet of...


2nd May 2018

Continental Tests Level 3 AVs on Germany’s Autobahn

Continental, the German auto parts and technology giant, is taking its Level 3 Cruising Chauffeur to the German autobahn and the highways of Lower Saxony.


2nd April 2018

BMW, Daimler Merging Mobility Services Divisions

BMW and Daimler have joined forces to focus on the future of city travel by combining their respective mobility services divisions.


23rd February 2018

Bosch Acquires Splitting Fares With an Eye Toward Ride-Sharing

Bosch believes that ride-sharing applications will only become more popular in the coming years. Now it's buying Splitting Fares, a startup that wants to take your office to work....