Mercedes Benz

18th September 2018

Nvidia Partnering to Bring Driverless Virtual Testing into Real World

Gaming giant Nvidia has announced a partnership it hopes will resolve discrepancies that arise between real-world and virtual driverless vehicle testing. It has signed an agreement with British drive...


13th September 2018

Volvo Autonomous Electric Truck Boasts Low Noise, Zero Emissions

Volvo, the world's second-biggest truck maker, unveiled a self-driving electric truck that is compatible with existing load carriers/trailers.


10th September 2018

Weekly Brief: Volvo’s driverless vision more delusion than dream

If you think city traffic is bad today, imagine what it will be like 30 years from now, writes Andrew Tolve. India is in the midst of the largest...

5th September 2018

At Last Mercedes Enters the EV Bull-Pit

It might be seen as something of a Johnnie-come-lately but Mercedes-Benz, two years after showing its first all-electric concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show, has unveiled its new...


7th August 2018

Current ACC Too “Dangerous” for Road, Say Insurers

A study has found current adaptive cruise control (ACC) technology is unsafe for consumers. The report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tested several premium car manufacturers’ products concluding some were...


9th July 2018

Daimler Will Test Advanced Autonomous Vehicles in Beijing

Daimler is moving its advanced autonomous vehicles onto the streets of Beijing after completing extensive closed-track testing.


3rd July 2018

Mercedes-Benz Vans Unveils eVito & Updates Its eSprinter Vehicle

These two Mercedes-Benz vans have a range of around 100 miles and are tested for extreme weather conditions. A concept model also sports an advanced fuel cell.


28th May 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Sales Expected to Hit 5 Million by 2026

Sales of autonomous vehicles are expected to accelerate as consumers adjust to ADAS platforms and companies from GM to Google ramp up investment in self-driving cars.


22nd May 2018

GDPR May Be Slowing Connected Car Growth

The European Union's GDPR rules could be one factor in the slowdown of connected car sales. Automakers are also still trying to gauge the public's reaction to new technologies....


21st May 2018

Weekly Brief: Audi shy of risking Level 3 autonomy in US

The 2019 Audi A8 with Traffic Jam Pilot will debut in Europe as promised but Americans have to wait for now. Andrew Tolve reports. The world’s first mass-market car...


3rd April 2018

Weekly Brief: BMW and Daimler merge their mobility companies

An unlikely shake-up on the mobility front comes amid another ominous week for self-driving tech. Andrew Tolve reports Mercedes-Benz and BMW have been the fiercest of rivals for more than...


7th February 2018

Daimler & Bosch Will Test Self-Driving Taxi Within Months

Daimler and Borsch are teaming up to bring a self-driving taxi to Germany streets -- and the tests will start soon.