Mahle Powertrain

6th October 2021

Mahle Presents its 90-Second Auto Charger

Automotive supply giant Mahle with present its “90 second” recharging battery at a German mobility event this week. Attendees to the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility will be given insights...


23rd September 2021

Mahle Claiming ‘Breakthrough’ on BEV Pack Tech

Auto supply giant, Mahle Powertrain, claims its latest joint venture will lead to a breakthrough in battery powertrains that could allow them to charge as quickly as filling a...


15th July 2021

Mahle Blasts EU’s Anti-ICE Emissions Stance

Global automotive powertrain supplier, Mahle, has slammed the European Union Commission’s short-sighted hostility to ICE as an asset in reducing global warming. The attack brings the auto technology group...

21st May 2021

Mahle Commits to Second Climatic Powertrain Test Chamber

Mahle has begun building its second climatic test chamber primarily focused on both Bev and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains in response to the expected growth of the sector. It...


11th May 2021

Future Emissions Legislation: How to Achieve the New Targets

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features James Taylor.  Mr. Taylor is Chief Engineer – Analysis, Development and Optimization, with MAHLE Powertrain Ltd and is based in the...


26th March 2021

Electro Combustion Engine Pitched as Heavy Duty Range Extender

A UK engine specialist believes it has created an electricity generating combustion engine suited to extending the potential range of heavy-duty electric trucks. Libertine FPE, has created what is...


12th November 2019

Mahle Mild Hybrid Concept Claims Regeneration Boost

Germany powertrain specialist Mahle Powertrain is claiming up to 15% fuel saving through energy regeneration from its mild hybrid concept. Its new 48-volt system claims to offset mild hybrids’...


2nd October 2019

Mahle Unveils New Modular Hybrid Powertrain

Automotive supplier Mahle Powertrain has unveiled a compact, integrated modular hybrid drive it claims will suit a wide range of vehicles. The system incorporates a choice of two- or...