6th June 2018

Alibaba & RoboSense Partner on Solid-State Lidar

Solid-state Lidar for a single vehicle is only a few hundred dollars, versus thousands of dollars with traditional approaches, according to RoboSense, which is partnering with Alibaba to create...


16th May 2018

Nissan Expands ProPilot ADAS Platform to More Vehicles

Nissan's ProPilot ADAS platform helps keep drivers in their lane and maintain safe distances from other vehicles in various traffic scenarios. The company is now expanding the program to...


15th May 2018

In-Car Ethernet Speeds Up Autonomy Support

In-car Ethernet might lack the marketing appeal of AI or Lidar, but it's an essential component of connected and autonomous vehicles. Here's a look at why.


8th May 2018

MIT’s MapLite Tech Could Take Autonomous Vehicles Off-Road

Today's self-driving vehicles do best navigating precisely plotted roads, but MIT researchers have developed a framework called MapLite, which helps pilot these cars with less reliance on GPS.


7th May 2018

Ansys Acquires AV Simulation Software Specialist Optis

Simulation software specialist Ansys broadens its capabilities for autonomous vehicle testing with the purchase of Optis.


3rd May 2018

Startup Regulus Cyber Raises $6.3M, Launches Pyramid Suite

In addition to its $6.3 million funding round, Regulus Cyber also launched its Pyramid module, which is designed to prevent cyber attacks on a self-driving vehicle's sensors.


27th April 2018

BMW’s First AVs Will Feature Innoviz’s Solid-State Lidar

BMW has inked a new deal with Israeli startup Innoviz to bring solid-state Lidar technology to the automaker's upcoming line-up of autonomous vehicles. The partnership is designed to make...


26th April 2018

Ride-Hailing Demands Good GPS & AVs Will Need It Even More

GPS is a useful tool, but it needs to be more accurate, especially as autonomous cars take over the ride-sharing market. Here's what Lyft is doing to improve the...


25th April 2018

North America Will Adopt AVs First, Forecast Finds

In the coming years, North America, followed by Europe, will dominate the market for autonomous vehicles, which will likely start off as commercial offerings. China will catch up later.


20th April 2018

Driven Consortium Tests Connected Fleet Vehicles in UK

Autonomous vehicles will have to talk to each other, and those conversations can be used to make vehicles smarter and safer. This is what the UK-based Driven consortium is...


19th April 2018

Automated Truck Market to Hit $1.7B by 2025

The promise of self-driving trucks – big cost savings, environmental benefits and faster delivery – is tempered by the fear of hackers' real and imagined capabilities, a new study...


5th April 2018

Stanford, Purdue Project May Improve AV Laser Steering Tech

A joint research project by Stanford and Purdue universities has resulted in the discovery of new laser steering technology that is more compact and significantly faster than current systems....