12th December 2018

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Future Sees 2M FCEVs Annually By 2030

The Hyundai group has pledged itself to a hydrogen future promising to be making 500,000 vehicle-ready fuel-cells by 2030. The group, which includes the Kia brand, has announced its...


6th December 2018

Digital Customer Experience Now Key For Automakers

Shopping for a new car used to be a labor of love, or a trip through hell. Some customers enjoyed the trips to multiple showrooms to stroke the flanks...

By Susan Kuchinskas


5th December 2018

Hyundai, Netradyne Partner on HD Mapping & Navigation

Hyundai and Netradyne believe that advanced navigation capabilities are critical to advancing autonomous driving, with crowd-sourced information a central component.


30th November 2018

Latest Hyundai SUV Seen As Driverless Stepping Stone

Hyundai’s latest car model is bristling with so much tech that many see it as the carmaker’s literal stepping stone towards an autonomous future. The South Korean manufacturer is...


16th November 2018

Hyundai Targets Commercial Assets From Drones

Hyundai is ramping up its commercial autonomous vehicle strategy by extending its reach into hybrid-electric unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It has announced a strategic partnership with Boston’s Top Flight...


8th November 2018

Hyundai’s Investment Shows Importance of AI in the Auto Industry

The announcement from Hyundai and is the latest in a string of investments the auto giant has made in artificial intelligence and deep learning technology specialists.


8th November 2018

Hyundai, Kia Launching EV Pilot Projects

Hyundai and Kia are partnering to launch a series of electric vehicle pilot programs in South East Asia. The first such program will be in Singapore next year, and...

2nd November 2018

Hyundai, Kia to Introduce Solar Charging Tech

Hyundai and Kia say they are planning to introduce solar charging panels to the roofs or hoods of selected Hyundai cars. They say the panels will provide additional electricity...


23rd October 2018

Air Pollution Worries To Drive Fuel-Cell Sales, Hints Hyundai Study

Consumer research by Hyundai suggests clean-air concerns are becoming a major marketing asset for zero emission vehicles. A study of 2,000 UK motorists revealed nearly one in-five worry about...


9th October 2018

Hyundai Hopes Its Driverless Cars Will ‘Understand’ People

Hyundai is buying into AI technology that ‘understands’ people’s intentions in a bid to accelerate its ambitions in autonomous driving. The carmaker’s corporate and open innovation business, Hyundai Cradle,...


19th September 2018

Hyundai Banks on AR Navigation Future

Hyundai is setting a future of augmented reality (AR) navigation for its vehicles with its investment in a specialist start-up. It has plumped for the Swiss deep-tech provider WayRay...


17th September 2018

Weekly Brief: Auto Industry Should Use Hurricane Florence to Mend Its Ways

Storms lashing the world and Andrew Tolve tries to shoulder some of the blame. As Hurricane Florence unleashed chaos on the Carolina coast last week, I felt a strange...