23rd April 2019

Hyundai Sets Out Hydrogen Vision

Hyundai has spelled out its vision of a hydrogen future and it looks like following Japan’s lead of staking its transportation solutions on fuel cell rather than BEV at...


15th April 2019

Weekly Brief: Ford’s Dose of Reality to Driverless Dreamers

Ford is walking back its goal to mass produce self-driving cars by 2021. Speaking at a Detroit Economic Club event last week, Ford CEO Jim Hackett admitted that Ford...


4th April 2019

‘Natural’ Driver Control Promised by Latest Hyundai Virtual Cockpit

Hyundai claims its virtual cockpit will provide a more natural driver control experience thanks to a ‘multi-layer display’ instrument cluster. The steering wheel mounted cluster is heralded as less...

By Phil Oakley


19th March 2019

Hyundai Partners With Indian Ride-Hailing Service

Hyundai Group is investing $300M in an Indian ride-hailing platform with a view to co-developing cars and infrastructure for the country’s mobility sector. The group says the funding for Ola...


13th March 2019

Kia Says ICE Could Survive in Electrified Automotive Future

Electrification of vehicle powertrains will alter depending on consumer needs and market segments and many will still employ ICE technology. That’s the view of Kia Motors Europe’s head of...


11th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Amazon finally makes entrance into self-driving tech

With nearly every big tech company having entered the race for self-driving cars in the past 10 years, one name has remained conspicuously absent. The fact that it’s Amazon,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th February 2019

Ford Trials AV Lighting Communication System

Ford has tested a lighting system it hopes will allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with other road users. The automaker collaborated with Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) on testing...


24th January 2019

JLR’s AVs Could Use Projections To Warn Road Users of Intentions

Jaguar Land Rover has developed an autonomous vehicle (AV) lighting system that will warn other road users where the car is headed. Not unlike the system unveiled by Hyundai...


17th January 2019

Hyundai Ioniq Updated With ADAS Package & Blue Link Connectivity

Hyundai's latest iteration of its Ioniq sedan features an updated interior with navigation system and an expanded ADAS package standard.


14th January 2019

Weekly Brief: Voice Assistants Were CES’ Stars, AVs its Punchline

Autonomous vehicles were out in force in Las Vegas last week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Showgoers who opened the Lyft app got a message asking if they wanted...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


11th January 2019

Hyundai Developing Tech to Aid Hearing-Impaired Drivers

Hyundai is creating new tech for hearing-impaired drivers navigate that will allow them to get to their destinations safely. This includes a steering wheel that lights up and vibrates,...


8th January 2019

‘Walking Cars’ for Last-Step Delivery, Claims Hyundai

Surely one of the more outlandish flights of fancy in a conference full of dreamers, must be Hyundai’s “walking car” concept. Naturally in a bid to give the concept...