4th December 2019

Sky’s the Limit as Hyundai Spells Out Mobility Strategy

Hyundai plans to take to the air by offering a wide range of mobility solutions including personal aircraft. An executive announcement from its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, has...


28th November 2019

Dumb Londoners Don’t Understand Electric Vehicles

Almost a third of Londoners are less knowledgeable than their country-dwelling cousins about electric vehicles. This comes as research reveals 29% of those living in London wouldn’t feel safe...


14th November 2019

Dynamic Grille to Cool Hyundai’s Concept Powertrain

Active grilles are nothing new except Hyundai’s Vision PHEV concept uses its version differently to existing systems. Instead of opening and closing grille apertures to just improve aerodynamics at...


12th November 2019

Hyundai Claims Truck Platooning Success

Hyundai claims it has successfully operated truck platooning on a Korean government “test-bed” highway to prove its autonomous driving technology. Its trucks platooned on a 4.8-mile stretch of the...


11th November 2019

Hyundai Claims Breakthrough to Enhance In-Car UX

Hyundai is claiming its road-noise cancelling technology can halve in-car sound and could pave the way to a “near silent” user experience, seen as vital ahead of full autonomous...


8th November 2019

BlackBerry Extends ADAS and AV Reach with Hyundai

BlackBerry continues extending its reach into mass market automotive ADAS and autonomous system in its latest partnership with Hyundai. The company’s QNX OS software has been chosen by Hyundai...


7th November 2019

Telematics the Winner in BEV Boom

An expected boom in the uptake of EVs will boost the importance of telematics services and lead to greater collaboration between providers and automakers. That’s among the findings of...


30th October 2019

Hydrogen-Powered Trucks Talk of the Town in Atlanta

Hydrogen fuel cell is the order of the day at the North American Commercial Vehicles Show in Atlanta, Georgia, as two manufacturers show off their technology. American powertrain company...


28th October 2019

Weekly Brief: Hyundai and Toyota Spar for Self-Driving Street Credibility

Let’s not overdo it on the Hyundai hype.  Last week the carmaker announced that it plans to launch a free robo-taxi service in Irvine, California, starting November 4, 2019....

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


22nd October 2019

Hyundai Reveals Hydrogen Truck Concept

Hyundai has released the first official images of its new concept hydrogen fuel powered commercial heavy truck. Dubbed the concept will be debuted at this year’s North American Commercial...


21st October 2019

Hyundai Claims First AI Cruise Control

Hyundai has claimed to have created the world’s first cruise control system that employs machine learning and AI. The automaker’s new adaptive cruise control claims to be able to...


21st October 2019

Weekly Brief: Hyundai’s Government Backing Could Win Self-Driving Race

After years of playing a laggard, Hyundai intends to rebrand itself as a leader in the mobility revolution. It took a step in the right direction last week when...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve