4th May 2023

Hyundai’s Series-Ready Hydrogen Truck hits North America

Hyundai has brought its hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty truck to the North American market as it sees pressure rising on commercial fleets to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions. Almost...


27th April 2023

BEV Owners Seeing Residual Values Nose-Dive, Says Study

A UK study claims battery electric vehicles are depreciating so fast that some lose more than half their value in just three years. The research, commissioned by used car...

7th March 2023

Hyundai Second Gen Kona Led by BEV Powertrains

Hyundai launched its second-generation Kona this week led by a BEV version claiming class-leading range. The compact SUV offers a selection of powertrains including BEV in standard or long-range...


2nd March 2023

Aramco Joins Renault-Geely ICE Joint Venture

While French automaker Renault may be staring at a ban on ICE technology for its domestic market, it has kept faith in low emission ICE powertrains for global offerings....


10th February 2023

Tesla Avoids Dismal Reliability Ranking by Withholding Data, J. D. Power

Fancy automated driving and infotainment technologies in premium cars are punishing the reliability scores in J.D. Power’s latest consumer survey. Reuters reports that Tesla would have finished fifth from...


7th February 2023

Next-Gen Maps aim to Re-Balance Detail and Simplicity

Every sat-nav user is familiar with the chagrin of missing their turn because the map’s lines and circles don’t resemble the real world. Yandex is blaming maps, not users,...

By Roma Nazarov


2nd January 2023

Weekly Brief: Exciting Year Ahead for EV and AV Technologies

New Year’s resolutions rarely last more than a week or two. New Year’s predictions are equally unreliable. Give it a few months and what seemed certain at the outset...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th December 2022

EV Styling but Mixed Powertrains for Hyundai’s New Kona

Hyundai’s second generation of its Kona subcompact SUV may be using electric vehicle-inspired styling but will feature internal combustion and self-charging hybrid electric powertrains in the line-up. The up...


19th December 2022

Weekly Brief: Auto Tech Start-Ups Feel the Chill of Economic Downturn

LiDAR maker Quanergy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just 10 months after going public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) called Citic Capital Acquisition Corp. Quanergy specializes in...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th December 2022

Hyundai Trials Autonomous Last Mile Robots

Hyundai has begun pilot programs using micro autonomous wheeled robots for last-mile urban deliveries. The automaker has started two pilot programs using robots based on its Plug & Drive...


12th December 2022

Weekly Brief: Uber’s Very Tiny Toe Back in Robo-Taxi Market

Uber once had grand designs to pioneer the robo-taxi industry. Instead, it limped into the market last week with a modest, daytime-only service in Las Vegas. Uber’s first robo-taxi...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th October 2022

Weekly Brief: Uber Back in Robo-Taxis as Doubts Haunt AV Gamble

Uber is back in the robo-taxi race. The ride hailing giant announced plans last week to deploy robo-taxis across its ride hailing network in the US starting this year....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve