4th September 2020

India’s Young Drivers Plug into Connected Cars

The automotive industry in India is on the edge of evolution with a high level of new innovations. Connected car technologies such as heads-up displays, smart infotainment and telematics...

By Simmi Sinha


3rd September 2020

Bosch Outlines Fuel Cell’s Vital Powertrain Role

Bosch has nailed its colors to the hydrogen fuel cell mast at least in terms of powertrains for heavy-duty vehicles. The German automotive supply giant in a statement asks:...


17th August 2020

Weekly Brief: Michigan’s AV-Only Highway is the Right Direction

The state of Michigan plans to build a self-driving car corridor from Detroit to Ann Arbor. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference last week to lay out...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


13th August 2020

Automakers Risk Missing Diesel Boat in India

Automakers have been warned not to can all its diesel powertrains for its products in India because the demand remains for many consumers. While admitting rising costs and tightening...


12th August 2020

Hyundai Chooses Aptiv for Level 4 Autonomous Assault

Hyundai has partnered with sensor manufacturer, Aptiv, in a bid to accelerate its hopes of bringing a Level 4 driverless vehicle to market. The pair will steer their autonomous...


10th August 2020

Hyundai Latest to Join BEV Sub-Branding

Hyundai is joining the ranks of automaker’s hiving off their all-electric products into a sub-brand. Following in the wheel tracks of Volvo’s Polestar and Aston Martin’s Lagonda, the Korean...


31st July 2020

Hyundai Brings More Real-Time Functions to its Infotainment

Hyundai is upgrading its infotainment’s connectivity bringing real-time features including live parking updates plus types of spaces available to its consumer. Its new i30 will be the company’s first...


6th July 2020

Hyundai Markets First Hydrogen Truck in Europe

Hyundai has shipped ten models of the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel-cell powered heavy-haulage truck to the European market. The Hyundai Xcient fuel cell trucks are the first of...


20th April 2020

Weekly Brief: Toyota Behind Repurposing Robo-Taxis as Driverless Delivery Fleet

Self-driving start-up backed by Toyota has transformed its robo-taxi fleet into a driverless grocery delivery service last week. The move came in response to the ongoing lockdown in California...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th April 2020

‘Gaming’ Steering on Hyundai’s BEV Concept

Hyundai’s latest BEV concept is plundering the gaming world with joystick steering mechanisms instead of the traditional wheel. Its Prophecy concept is controlled by dual joysticks located left and...


27th March 2020

Hyundai First Roof Air Bag Nears Market Readiness

Hyundai claims it is near to bringing the world’s first roofline passenger airbag system to market. Its standalone component supply company, Hyundai Mobis, is now engaged in production assessments...


24th March 2020

Hyundai’s Radar to Protect ‘Forgotten Kids’

Hyundai’s component producer claims to have developed a radar system that could end the risk of children being left forgotten in the back of cars. There have been several...