Human Horizons

9th December 2022

BlackBerry QNX Chosen for Human Horizons’ BEV Flagship

BlackBerry’s QNX digital technology has been chosen by Chinese BEV manufacturer, Human Horizons, for its futuristic second flagship model the HiPhi Z. The QNX platform will power the car’s...


8th November 2021

Human Horizons Unveils ‘Digital’ UX GT Concept

Chinese premium automaker, Human Horizons, has announced its latest BEV concept aimed at creating a digital experience for consumers. The vehicle, called Digital GT- HiPhi Z, is a 95%...


18th September 2020

HiPhi Claims World’s First L4 Parking Technology

Chinese automaker Human Horizons will roll-out what it claims to be the world’s first Level 4 autonomous parking technology on its premium sub-brand’s HiPhi X model. Its newly developed...


2nd September 2020

HiPhi’s Covid Car with Touch-Free Access

Chinese automaker Human Horizons is developing a touch-free car entry system for its sub-brand HiPhi’s latest luxury BEV hoping to ease pandemic transference concerns. The touch-free ‘NT Door’ system...


12th August 2020

HiPhi Unveils Machine-Learning BEV

Chinese automaker, HiPhi, has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first machine learning SUV ahead of its debut at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. The brand, wholly owned...


5th August 2019

Chinese Luxury BEV Claims 5G-V2X World First

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a Chinese automaker that is claiming a new luxury BEV has full 5G enabled V2X connectivity considering the cyber-security furor surrounding telco giant Huawei. The company,...


First Smart City V2X Project Launched in China
21st January 2019

First Smart City V2X Project Launched in China

A Chinese start-up is claiming a world’s first in V2X project demonstrating a real-world smart city infrastructure of the future. Human Horizons has unveiled its ‘Smart Road Demonstration Project’...

Paul Myles TU-Editor