General Motors

16th March 2020

Weekly Brief: Virus ‘Silver Lining’ Could End Auto’s Dependency on China

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world with frightening speed, the automotive industry has braced itself for what could be a long and costly disruption to operations. Some...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th March 2020

Can Voice Assistants Open On-Board Revenue Flood Gates?

Nomi is reputed to be one of the world’s most adorable in-vehicle virtual assistant. Whether you think that’s a good thing depends to a great extent on where you...

By Susan Kuchinskas


6th March 2020

BlackBerry’s Pitch for Driverless Dominance

The technological world is littered with companies that once sold ‘The Hot New Thing’. When technology and trends moved on, though, these businesses were left behind. One such company...

By Eric Volkman

5th March 2020

GM’s Soft Pouch Batteries Promise Low Cost Power Boost

General Motors is basing its future BEV strategy on battery packs of soft pouch construction it claims will cut production costs and boost range to 400 miles. Using Ultium...


24th February 2020

Weekly Brief: Tesla Rides Crest of Electrification Wave

Tesla’s newest vehicle, the Model Y crossover SUV, finally received its certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency last week. The Model Y’s range came in at 315 miles...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th February 2020

Weekly Brief: US Regulator Allows First Driverless Vehicle Without Mirrors

Dropping a side-view mirror may not sound like much. Heck, if you drive in a major city like New York, Paris or London, side-view mirrors get dropped all the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th February 2020

US Diesel Boost a Climate Bonus?

Diesel powertrain sales in some markets, such as Europe, may be in terminal decline but they are finding increasing favor in the US leisure vehicle sector. Witness, for example,...


28th January 2020

Cadillac Catches Up With Lane Changing Tesla

Cadillac has added automated lane-changing to it latest Super Cruise system as it catches up with Tesla technology. Among other enhancements to the new system, automatic lane-changing should allow...


20th January 2020

Weekly Brief: Hyundai and Kia Gamble on Multi-Model EV Platform

EV start-up Arrival came out of stealth mode with a bang last week. The UK company announced a cash infusion of $112M from South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


18th November 2019

Weekly Brief: Ford’s First EV Talk of the Town in LA

One of America’s iconic sports cars is about to go electric. All eyes will be trained this week on the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which is set to debut at...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


30th September 2019

Weekly Brief: Driverless Dreamers Need to Get a Grip on Reality

This is beginning to sound like a broken record. Another carmaker, another tech company, another multi-billion-dollar partnership for self-driving cars. Last week Hyundai announced that it has teamed up...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


17th September 2019

Automakers Keep Mobility Eye on eScooter Revolution

The streets of Los Angeles and many other cities are literally littered with micromobility options including electric scooters, e-bicycles and more. Now a city start-up has joined the pack...

By Robert Gray