Frost & Sullivan

10th July 2020

Hybrid Powertrains Predicted to Dominate Near Landscape

Hybrid powertrains are predicted to dominate global vehicle sales at least for the short- to medium-term. That’s the suggestion made by Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, Global Powertrain Outlook, 2020,...


7th July 2020

Regulators’ Mad-Dash on Clean Air Boosts Li-Ion Appeal

Government and city regulators around the world are ensuring the dubious carbon-footprint of lithium-ion battery technology will be over-looked in the near term. In Frost & Sullivan’s report, Global...


17th June 2020

Connected Cars Facing a Data Log-Jam

Vehicles are becoming increasingly connected and different stakeholders are looking to benefit from the information that this data provides. One of the key challenges is the ensuring that the...


16th January 2020

Bets Made on AI to Revolutionize Infotainment

Huge investment in AI and machine learning could see in-car infotainment systems’ personal assistant technology revolutionized in the next five years. That’s the opinion of analysts from Frost &...


7th November 2019

Telematics the Winner in BEV Boom

An expected boom in the uptake of EVs will boost the importance of telematics services and lead to greater collaboration between providers and automakers. That’s among the findings of...


24th December 2018

Autonomous & Connected Vehicles Must Be a Top Security Priority

A Frost & Sullivan report warns OEMs should make cybersecurity a top priority for self-driving cars, and start preparing for future threats now.


16th June 2018

Broad business models most likely to triumph in mobility

How to bet on the mobility winners of the future, explored by Graham Jarvis. The automotive start-up scene, symbolised by Silicon Valley, is booming. Yet there is much talk...


21st May 2018

OEMs Need Software Partners as Connectivity Demands Grow

Connected cars are not only seen as cool, they are essential to the future of transportation -- and automakers need software partners for a market edge, according to one...


4th May 2018

Big opportunities in driverless for the big suppliers

How Tier suppliers will capitalise on future connectivity and autonomous mandates, investigated by Siegfried Mortkowitz. Despite running into unexpected roadblocks, some believe the development of the self-driving car is...


17th November 2017

Caring about a sharing driverless future

Mobility solutions will be the first opportunity for the masses to truly use the autonomous vehicle but what can be done to expedite a fully autonomous mobility on demand...


30th June 2017

‘Bad’ drivers and the future of UBI

UBI optimists say that telematics insurance is about to enter its long-expected golden age, during which the proliferation of new cars with factory-embedded connectivity will help the product join...


12th February 2016

Driverless cars will force insurers to look towards different areas of risk

The primary societal movers of the development of the self-driving car are safety and the environment. An automobile run by a machine will be more fuel-efficient and less polluting...