19th September 2018

E-tron SUV Is Audi’s Big Push Into an Electric Future

This week, Audi unveiled the all-electric E-tron, which could be the blueprint for the company's future.


18th September 2018

VW’s Born-Electric MEB Platform Will Spawn 27 Models by 2022

Volkswagen is hoping its MEB platform will do for the company what the iconic Beetle line did last century.


20th August 2018

Being at End of ICE Age, Doesn’t Mean Anytime Soon

Alternative fuels are gaining popularity but combustion engines will still rule the roost for many years yet, Eric Volkman discovers. Is the internal combustion engine (ICE) roaring towards extinction...


20th August 2018

Domestic EV Charger Makes Old Tech ‘Smart’

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to consumers thinking of electric vehicles as family transport are a myriad of charging issues, among them the problem of overloading domestic electricity...


25th July 2018

Volta Grabs $32M to Develop Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Californian startup Volta is planning a major expansion of its ad-supported, electric vehicle charging stations. The company now has additional $32 million to make it happen.


24th July 2018

Thumbs down for EV despite UK government push

Consumers are displaying a lot less enthusiasm for electric vehicles than carmakers and regulators, a UK survey has revealed, reports Paul Myles. As the government unveils its Road to...


9th January 2018

Lithium Ion Battery Inventor: EVs Need Stronger Batteries

Many people believe that electric vehicles represent the future of the automotive industry, and it’s hard to argue with them. Generally speaking, running a car on electricity is considerably...


20th October 2017

We must make EV to go-to transport choice, says Nissan

European governments must get involved by investing in smart city solutions to help spread of electrification in the auto industry. That’s the clear message spelled out by Nissan at...


30th April 2015

Better Connections: EVs and a Bigger, Smarter Grid

Automakers like Ford and utility companies like Pacific Gas & Electric are working hard to make sure EVs get connected to the Smart Grid in smart ways to fulfill...


20th March 2015

Electric Vehicles: Is There A Tipping Point In Sight?

"Better for the environment" is not much of a selling point – not when it comes to cars. Last year, Nielsen's global consumer survey found that a majority of...


The Outlook for Plugging-in:  US Automakers Meeting the Challenge of Electrification by Dave McNamara, MTS LLC
26th October 2011

The Outlook for Plugging-in: US Automakers Meeting the Challenge of Electrification by Dave McNamara, MTS LLC

With over 10 weeks to go until the event, EyeforTravel is pleased to announced that more than 200 online travel professionals have already registered to attend the 2009 Travel...