12th December 2018

US Will Lead in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications – Study

The Juniper report projects the US will become the leading market for V2V deployments as the rollout of enabling 5G networks grows.


2nd November 2018

AT&T & Daimler Partner on Connected Trucks, Fleet Services

AT&T is bringing its Detroit Connect telematics and fleet management platform to Daimler trucks in Europe and Australia.


18th July 2018

Carmakers Link Models Over C-V2X in Europe

A group of car makers demonstrated the viability of C-V2X technology in Europe last week to show how connected and autonomous cars can take advantage of the advent of...


13th July 2018

VW Will Offer V2X Wireless in Europe by 2019

In 2019, Volkswagen will equip its vehicles in Europe with WLANp, a wireless system that makes vehicle-to-everything communications possible.


8th July 2018

Active Fleet Management in a Dynamic & Complex Environment

The total global installed base of vehicles is approximately 1.2 billion, with around 300 million being light and heavy commercial vehicles. The fleet management industry services roughly 10% of...


29th May 2018

EU Bets Truck Platooning Could Result in Huge Fuel Savings

The European Union is investing heavily in truck platooning to not only save fuel, but also to reduce accidents and make the transportation of goods more efficient.


18th May 2018

Mobileye Inks Deal to Supply Automation for 8M Cars

In one of its biggest deals to date, Intel's Mobileye division will supply automation and ADAS technology to 8 million vehicles.


16th May 2018

Nissan Expands ProPilot ADAS Platform to More Vehicles

Nissan's ProPilot ADAS platform helps keep drivers in their lane and maintain safe distances from other vehicles in various traffic scenarios. The company is now expanding the program to...


26th April 2018

Toyota Expands Connected Services Subsidiary Into Europe

Toyota is focusing on mobility markets in Europe with the launch of Toyota Connected Europe, which will leverage the company's data center.


25th April 2018

North America Will Adopt AVs First, Forecast Finds

In the coming years, North America, followed by Europe, will dominate the market for autonomous vehicles, which will likely start off as commercial offerings. China will catch up later.


20th October 2017

We must make EV to go-to transport choice, says Nissan

European governments must get involved by investing in smart city solutions to help spread of electrification in the auto industry. That’s the clear message spelled out by Nissan at...


24th February 2017

Ford working to advance pothole-dodging technology

Ford is researching the creation of a crowd-sourced virtual pothole map showing drivers in real-time on in-car displays where potholes are and how bad they are and suggesting alternative...