18th May 2018

Connectivity must be available everywhere for in-vehicle emergency calling to be effective

Self-driving vehicles will dramatically reduce or altogether eliminate motor vehicle accidents and accompanying casualties, fatalities and property damage. That is the hope of the automotive community of manufacturers, suppliers,...


22nd November 2017

Ford will woo consumers with connectivity

Connecting the car to the IoT should bring new revenue streams to carmakers but, so far, most consumer surveys show the technology has failed to excite car buyers. Yet,...


17th November 2017

Algorithm owners hold the keys to exploiting UBI revenue streams

Key areas of the value chain Embedded and aftermarket sensor data will benefit third parties but only if they fight for their share of the value chain, says Roger...


2nd December 2016

New era of consumer engagement excites Honda

Soon all new cars in Europe will have telematics boxes fitted as standard to meet eCall emergency call-up regulations and many carmakers are seeing the commercial opportunities this can...


25th July 2016

Weekly Brief: $4.5Bn US government boost to build EV infrastructure

Gas stations are a signature of the American landscape. From abandoned single-pumps to 21st-century mega stations, it’s tough to go a mile in any direction in the US without...


27th May 2016

Call to arms as telematics battles for consumer hearts

Modern automobiles offer a wide array of telematics options but not everyone is convinced of their importance. Automakers have been trying to persuade the masses for several years and...


13th May 2016

eCall may be late to the connected car party

Some 15 years after a European civil servant conceived of the idea, legislators in Brussels have finally approved implementing a mandatory pan-European emergency alert system, dubbed eCall, to reduce...


22nd April 2016

‘When’ and ‘how’ now the biggest questions facing driverless vehicles

Autonomous cars are a big part of the future of transportation; there is no longer any serious doubt about that. With so many companies – from large and famous,...


8th April 2016

Connected cars could bring fair weather for the Cloud

According to IBM there will be 250M connected vehicles on the market by 2020 and they will be connected and fully packaged with sensor technologies. The technology giant also...


5th February 2016

Harsh Russian winds stoke flames of technological innovation

Before the recent drop in the Russian automobile industry, Russia was a leader in global car production. While they produced cars all over the world, some technologies remained unique...


TRL’s mission takes the drama out of an eCall
11th December 2015

TRL’s mission takes the drama out of an eCall

Since May we’ve known that eCall is coming in just over two years and there can be few paths more beaten by carmakers and OEM suppliers than to the...


10th November 2015

Joining the marketing dots doesn't have to mean connecting them

According to the mobile phone operators’ GSM Association, every car in the world will be connected to the internet by 2025. While this may bring many opportunities it could...