Diesel Technology Forum

26th July 2022

Bio Diesel Fleets Lower Greenhouse Gas Quicker that BEVs, Study Claims

A diesel lobby group is claiming latest research suggests switching ICE powertrains to renewable biofuels will reduce greenhouse gases quicker than switching to BEVs. The study focused on emissions...


19th July 2022

Editor Blog: Don’t Put BEV Dollars Before Climate Control

I’ve just received a press release claiming that the UK would save nearly 55,000 metric tons of CO2 annually by switching all its current fleet of ICE powered vehicles...

19th May 2021

Biofuels Claim Biggest Greenhouse Gas Cut in California

Biofuels for combustion engines are being credited for the bulk of the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in California. Data from the California Air Resources Board suggests biodiesel and...


23rd April 2021

Diesel Powertrains will Reduce CO2 Quicker than BEVs, Forum Claims

Switching diesel vehicles to low carbon biofuels will reduce transportation CO2 emissions far quicker that a switch to BEVs. That’s the claim by US lobby group, the Diesel Technology...

13th August 2020

Automakers Risk Missing Diesel Boat in India

Automakers have been warned not to can all its diesel powertrains for its products in India because the demand remains for many consumers. While admitting rising costs and tightening...


24th July 2019

Diesel Sales Thriving in US Pickup Truck Market

While sales of diesel engined vehicles in Europe continue to slide, the US full-size pickup truck is bucking the trend. Data published by the Diesel Technology Forum claims US...