cyber security

28 Aug 2018

5 Tips for Securing a Place in a Crowded Cyber-Security Market

There are concrete things an auto cyber-security start-up can do to stand out. Susan Kuchinskas reports. Blockchain cyber-security start-up Buglab recently put out a multi-million dollar bug bounty –...


16 Aug 2018

Auto Software with ‘Birth Certificates’ Suggests BlackBerry QNX

Specialized in-car apps don’t have to pose a risk, BlackBerry QNX’s John Wall, tells Louis Bedigian. App stores have been essential to the success of smartphones, providing a multitude...


07 Aug 2018

Making Tomorrow’s Auto Tech Safe Today

Graham Jarvis assesses the cyber-security risks of emerging autonomous technology. All the major automakers are currently developing autonomous technologies and solutions for their future autonomous vehicles. These technologies introduce...


26 Jul 2018

Building automotive security from the inside out

The role of telematics in locking hackers out of vehicles explored by Graham Jarvis. Many cyber-security techniques focus on securing the perimeter of critical computer systems and on recovering...


04 Mar 2016

It’s best not to get too hacked-off with cyber-security

Future cars may be smarter but that doesn't mean they will be less vulnerable to attacks that could disrupt or alter their operation. The Jeep Cherokee hack was a...


09 Oct 2015

Video: Hackers have to be shut out at the car's design stage

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20 Aug 2015

Video: Keeping users' data private is vital for carmakers

For the latest on connected car data take a look at Telematics West Coast Conference & Exhibition this October in San Diego (26-27).


13 Aug 2015

Why should the connected car mollycoddle its owner?

Four years ago I had the pleasure of being invited to cover the iconic Le Mans 24-hours race in France as a guest of Eugene Kaspersky, the malware expert...


06 Aug 2015

How can we ‘disclose’ a potentially fatal hack?

It is 2015 and we have now had the first recall based solely on a synthesised cyber-attack on an automotive platform. The good news is that the only affected...


22 Jul 2015

Latest ‘prank’ hack gets carmakers rattled

Bloomberg reported that the company responded a day after Wired magazine published a feature about software programmers who were able to take over the vehicle while it was being...


09 Jul 2015

Fighting off cyber attacks begins on the drawing board

With the Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly becoming a reality around us we find ourselves in new territory. Probably the most famous recent hack involved Fiat Chrysler having to...


06 May 2015

Connected cars becoming victims of marketeers

Senator Edward J. Markey has warned the US that new standards are needed to plug security and privacy gaps in our connected cars and trucks. In a press release...