Connected Car

27th June 2018

VW, Nvidia, Bosch Form Autonomous Vehicle Alliance

Dedicated to developing connected and autonomous car technologies, the new NAV Alliance consists of Aquantia, Bosch, Continental, Nvidia and Volkswagen Group of America.


5th June 2018

BlackBerry Joins OmniAir V2X Consortium

After joining the OmniAir Consortium, BlackBerry plans to release its security credential management system, designed for securing connected vehicles, later this year.


29th May 2018

Car Connectivity: Time to Accelerate

Car owners and drivers are starting to demand more of their connected vehicles. For automakers, it's time to offer customers more security and connectivity features now, and not wait...

Kate Migon


25th May 2018

BMW Connected Cars Riddled With Security Vulnerabilities

Chinese researchers from Tencent’s KeenLab discovered 14 exploitable security vulnerabilities in several BMW models, which have since been patched but highlight the security issues involving connected vehicles. Between January...


22nd May 2018

GDPR May Be Slowing Connected Car Growth

The European Union's GDPR rules could be one factor in the slowdown of connected car sales. Automakers are also still trying to gauge the public's reaction to new technologies....


17th May 2018

Laird’s MAX Connected Car Platform Offers Linux Security

Laird's MAX platform is the company's latest effort to bring itself deeper into the connected car market through a combination of security and open source technology.


15th May 2018

Gallop: Americans Not Sold on Self-Driving Cars’ Benefits

A Gallup poll of 1,500 US residents found that while Americans are wedded to their cars, they're not yet ready to give up control behind the wheel.


15th May 2018

In-Car Ethernet Speeds Up Autonomy Support

In-car Ethernet might lack the marketing appeal of AI or Lidar, but it's an essential component of connected and autonomous vehicles. Here's a look at why.


14th May 2018

5G Roars Ahead Thanks to NTT DoCoMo Race-Car Trials

In Japan, NTT DoCoMo is pushing the boundaries of car connectivity with 5G field trials that include vehicle's traveling over 100mph.


11th May 2018

Voyomotive Unveils a ‘Check Engine’ Light for the Rest of Us

Voyomotive is offering car owners a different way for car owners to diagnose problems with their vehicle.


2nd May 2018

Didi’s Vision for Chinese Car Market Echoes Global Trends

China's Didi is making deals with a number of different OEMs, including Volkswagen, that could change the market for connected and autonomous vehicles throughout the globe.


27th April 2018

Qualcomm Tests C-V2X Platform With Ford & Audi

Qualcomm's C-V2X platform is designed to improve road safety, with anticipated deployment in production vehicles and road infrastructure as soon as 2020.