9th March 2018

High rollers eager for tech engagement, says Cadillac

Premium consumers are driving the uptake of connected services according to Donny Nordlicht, head of product and technology communications with Cadillac. That’s not all down to sheer chance, either,...


20th November 2017

Weekly Brief: Tesla unveils an all-electric semi-autonomous big rig

A slew of companies, including Walmart, are lining up to preorder the Tesla Semi. Andrew Tolve reports. Gas-guzzling big rigs may soon be a thing of the past and...


2nd October 2017

Weekly Brief: Cadillac debuts hands-free driving for motorways

It claims to be safe, reliable and nothing like Tesla Autopilot. Andrew Tolve reports. Tesla’s Autopilot is about to get some much-needed competition. General Motors announced that its hands-free...


10th August 2017

Cadillac Super Cruise superb step toward autonomy

General Motors joins the saleable autonomous-vehicle market with the launch this fall of the ’18 Cadillac CT6 with available Super Cruise, a hands-free driving technology that is superbly integrated...


9th December 2016

Cadillac plans to steer clear of driverless cars

If you thought the Super Cruise auto-pilot technology bowing next year on the Cadillac CT6 large luxury sedan signals a future of fully autonomous driving for the luxury brand,...


10th October 2016

Weekly Brief: Volvo brings V2V technology to the tipping point

Imagine if every time you drove over a dangerous pothole, skidded on black ice or popped on your hazard warning lights owing to a sudden stop in traffic, your...


26th October 2015

Weekly Brief: Hackers and carmakers beware, US government is coming for you

From OnStar and 60 Minutes to Wired Magazine and Jeep Cherokee to a whole Connected Car Village at the DefCon hackers conference, the past year has been one giant...


6th August 2015

More than 1Bn customer interactions recorded by OnStar

Launched 19 years ago to automatically place a call from the vehicle when an air bag deployed, OnStar today remotely unlocks doors, loads driving directions directly to the vehicle,...


Introducing Cadillac "CUE" Weekly Brief—10.17.11
17th October 2011

Introducing Cadillac "CUE" Weekly Brief—10.17.11

Vueling and Clickair have started cross-selling the two companies’ entire inventory of domestic and international routes.