16th August 2021

Weekly Brief: Burning AV Ambitions Just So Much Smoke?

French start-up EasyMile deployed the largest fleet of driverless electric shuttles in America last week. The vehicles are part of a new Mines Rover shuttle service at the Colorado...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th August 2021

Audi Unveils ‘Telescopic’ Sports BEV Concept

Audi’s latest sports concept is trying to breathe some excitement into an otherwise dull BEV landscape dominated by overweight SUVs and characterless urban runabouts. The automaker has unveiled its...


2nd August 2021

Volkswagen JV Hopes to Accelerate Software Capabilities

Volkswagen has set up a joint venture to accelerate its ability to develop automotive software at pace to keep up with consumer demand. It has teamed up with TraceTronic,...


23rd June 2021

Audi’s Last ICE Model Emerges in Just Four Years Time

Audi has pledged to send its final ICE powered to market in four years time and be releasing only new BEVs models within two years after this deadline. Thereafter,...


13th May 2021

Automakers Must Change to Exploit the Software-Defined Vehicle

Automakers know that software is the future but their evolution from car company to software company has just begun. Volkswagen Group will invest around $32Bn in digitalization by 2025....

By Susan Kuchinskas


12th May 2021

EVs are First Step in Auto Insurance Transformation

Despite a slump in car sales during the pandemic, ING Group expects care sales to rebound by 8% in 2021. However, EV insurance premiums are typically higher than those...

By Graham Jarvis


18th March 2021

Audi Expands Swarm ADAS Capabilities

Audi is accelerating its swarm technology bringing more V2X features to its mass market products. Its upgraded “Local Hazard Information” (LHI) now uses a car-to-cloud connectivity that can estimate...


15th March 2021

Weekly Brief: Regulation not a Bust but a Boon for Driverless Tech

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is sick and tired of waiting for federal self-driving car regulations. In a scathing letter to its sister agency, the National Highway Transportation...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


12th March 2021

Smart Parking Leads the way in Infrastructure Management

Smart traffic management solutions powered by V2X communications and artificial intelligence have the potential to significantly reduce congestion and emissions. However, successful implementation will require coordination between cities, automakers...


10th March 2021

Opening AV Tech Doors with Open-Source Software

Open source software solutions are already being deployed globally by automakers investing in autonomous vehicle technologies. The potential for open source software applications in everything from simulation and testing...


4th January 2021

On the Road with Future In-Vehicle Sat Navs

Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are already riding shotgun in the cockpit of some connected vehicles. Now industry executives are planning the next advancements they say will...

By Robert Gray


13th November 2020

More Might From Audi’s TDI Titan

Audi has gifted even more muscle to its mighty SQ5 TDI diesel powerplant that now boasts 337bhp and claiming a 0-60mph sprint in just 5 seconds. In its latest...