Audi e-tron

16th June 2022

Audi e-tron Second-Life Batteries to Power Indian Rickshaws

Audi plans to send its second-life BEV automotive batteries to India to help clean up the huge rickshaw transportation market with zero emission powertrains. The news will come as...


26th February 2020

UK Public EV Charge Costs 10 Times More Than at Home

Charging an EV can be nearly 10 times more expensive than using a consumer’s domestic power supply. That’s the claim of a study by UK automotive consumer title What...


3rd February 2020

Weekly Brief: Super Bowl Sees Carmakers Push EV and AV

The Super Bowl is the biggest night in American sports. It’s also a barometer for what brands really care about, what they want to project as their future and...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


15th August 2019

Possible Surge in Premium BEVs Behind New UK Supercharger

An anticipated surge in demand for large premium BEVs in the UK has prompted one company to install a supercharger it claims could cut charge time by half. Sales...


1st August 2019

Audi Unveils Entry-Level E-Tron BEV

Audi has introduced an ‘entry-level’ e-tron to its model range with smaller battery pack clearly aimed at cost-conscious urban consumers. With a reduced range of 186 miles from a...


17th June 2019

Weekly Brief: Audi e-tron Hit by Battery Risk Recall

Audi’s launch of its first electric vehicle, the Audi e-tron SUV, took a turn for the worse last week when the carmaker issued an emergency recall of 1,644 models....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


3rd May 2019

Audi Joins Hyundai In Refocus on Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Audi is the latest carmaker to refocus on hydrogen fuel cell technology citing consumer concerns over BEV on top of sourcing raw materials for lithium-ion batteries. Its chairman, Bram...


21st March 2019

Half of New Cars at Risk From Keyless Theft

More than half of new cars are at serious risk of being stolen owing to keyless technology being widely deployed by carmakers. Top selling 2019 models including Ford Mondeo,...