Aston Martin

26th May 2023

Aston Martin Releases its First ‘Super Tourer’

Aston Martin has created a whole new car category to describe its latest performance product, the DB12 ‘Super Tourer’. The automaker says the traditional Grand Tourer title does not...


22nd May 2023

BMW’s Answer to Economic Downturn, an ICE Shooting Brake

Launching an ultra-luxurious ‘Shooting Brake’ concept in the teeth of a cost-of-living crisis and on the cusp of economic slowdown might seem odd except BMW knows the wealthy will...


19th January 2023

Aston Martin DBS Bows Out as its Most Powerful Road Car

Aston Martin’s farewell to the flagship DBS model is a homage to one of the last great ICE powertrains from the British automaker and its most powerful road car...


9th November 2022

Aston Martin-Brough Superior Latest Hyper-Bike Revealed

Aston Martin and Brough Superior have revealed their latest hyper-performance motorcycle in the shape of the very limited production AMB 001 Pro. The machine is a follow-up to the...


3rd October 2022

Weekly Brief: Porsche IPO Proves its Premium Allure

General consensus suggests that it’s a terrible time for an IPO, what with a worldwide energy crisis, war in Ukraine, record inflation and soaring interest rates. Yet, Porsche went...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th March 2022

Aston Martin Joins Lotus in Choosing British Battery Supplier

Aston Martin is following Lotus in staking its electric future on an UK electric battery developer and manufacturer. The Gaydon automaker has signed an agreement to develop bespoke high...


14th January 2022

City Planners’ Green Light for UK’s Largest Gigafactory

The UK’s ambitions to lead the automotive industry in battery technology has moved a step closer with regulators approving plans for the nations largest production facility. West Midlands Gigafactory...


22nd March 2021

Aston Martin and Lexus Race Track Refugees in ICE Swan Song

Almost as if the sportscar manufacturers realize the end of the ICE age approaches too fast, they are trying to end on a high with a flourish of special...


27th November 2020

Automakers Gang Up Against ICE Bans

An automaker-backed report has attacked the UK government’s bringing forward of a ban on new internal combustion engined cars. The report into the future of the nation’s automotive industry...


10th August 2020

Hyundai Latest to Join BEV Sub-Branding

Hyundai is joining the ranks of automaker’s hiving off their all-electric products into a sub-brand. Following in the wheel tracks of Volvo’s Polestar and Aston Martin’s Lagonda, the Korean...


24th March 2020

More Details on Aston Martin’s V6 for Hybrid Valhalla

Aston Martin says its in-house built V6 ICE planned for the hybrid powertrain of the upcoming Valhalla hypercar will be Euro 7 compliant. The gasoline 3.0-liter motor is expected...


12th February 2020

Aston Martin Roadster Shows Tech Trumps Performance

Once upon a time, a hot rag-top sportscar was all about its outright performance but now the standout acceleration time people talk about the new Aston Martin Vantage Roadster...