2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

3rd June 2020

BMW 4 Series Makes Mild-Hybrid Mainstream

BMW has unveiled it new 4 Series clearly pointing the way for its future powertrain focus with mild hybrid featuring in all its M Sport performance models. In fact,...


9th October 2019

Flexible Charge Point Access Key to EV Adoption, Says Ford

The ability to plug in a BEV wherever there is a charge point is one of the key factors in persuading consumers to go electric. That’s the opinion of...


7th October 2019

Hardware Vital Part of Connected Experience, Says Honda

Too much emphasis in designing connected car systems is being placed on the software while ignoring a vehicle’s hardware. This is the opinion of Honda’s head of connectivity, Mirai...


3rd October 2019

Micro BEVs Unlikely a Near Future Product, Says Honda

The prospect of ever downsizing to micro BEVs for the urban environment is a very unlikely one. That’s the opinion of Honda’s Kohei Hitomi lead designer of its first...


27th September 2019

Connected Users Could Increase Brand Loyalty, Says Ford

Connectivity could increase a consumer’s bond with a brand even more than the sculptured sheet metal of the cars themselves. This is the opinion of Ford of Europe’s John...


25th September 2019

Lease Models Could Boost Autonomous Adoption, Says Continental

Renting autonomous features and functions when you want them could be the way to accelerate acceptance and affordability of driverless technology. This is the opinion of Ralph Lauxmann head...


19th September 2019

Not Yet Time for Mass Market BEVs, Says Ford

Ford believes the automotive mass market is not yet ready for a BEV rollout across its product range. The carmaker has defended it electrification strategy against criticism from some...


16th September 2019

Ford Cabins Applying Hi-Tech in Familiar Materials

Smart cabin materials will make consumers’ lives better but only if the interior surfaces look as familiar as their favorite household furniture. That’s the opinion of Sonja Verdenberk chief...


16th September 2019

Weekly Brief: EV Leg-Up in Europe But US Gives Gig Working a Kicking

The demand for electric vehicles may be iffy and the environmental benefits may be questionable. However, one thing is certain – the e-mobility revolution is happening, ready or not....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th September 2019

VW to Offer ‘Factory’ Historic Beetle BEV Conversion

Volkswagen’s parts wing is to offer an ‘official’ factory BEV conversion kit for the motoring icon that is the historic Beetle. While there are many companies currently converting old...


3rd September 2019

Limited Edition Lamborghini Sián Suggests Hybrid Future

Lamborghini is pointing to its electrified future with a hybrid hypercar it will debut at next week’s 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). The Lamborghini Sián will be limited to...


28th August 2019

Diesel Powertrain Leads Way With Mercedes Coupé

Mercedes-Benz continues to champion the under-siege diesel powertrain, at least in Europe, with its latest GLE Coupé and Mercedes-AMG SUV. Making their global debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor...