Swarm AV Test Breakthrough Claimed by UK Company

An automotive systems testing company claims its autonomous vehicle swarm test process works equally well in real world driving as in the virtual world.

AB Dynamics says it uses a common toolchain so that complex scenario testing can be transferred from one environment to the other with single centimeter accuracy. It claims this enables the testing and development of ADAS and autonomous systems to be significantly accelerated while also reducing risk and cost.

It is bidding to reduce the operating costs of complex testing currently on the rise in the industry. To this end it has conducted a track test with Volkswagen Group where eight vehicles were coordinated in a swarm test using the its vehicle control robots and wireless telemetry system.

Scenario testing using a swarm of vehicles assesses the ability of autonomous functions to interpret the behavior and intentions of drivers and vehicles in the close vicinity. Scenarios such as merge-in, caused by lane closures on dual-carriageways, cut-in and cut-out are common events that force a vehicle using ADAS or autonomous systems to make a decision (brake, merge, accelerate or perform an evasive maneuver).

Jeremy Ash, sales director at AB Dynamics, said: “Swarm testing is very complex and can involve the precise choreography of eight or more test items. Our solution enables customers to run thousands of iterations of tests virtually and then confidently replicate a sample of these in the real world for correlation.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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