Start-Up Developing Open-Source AV Network

Start-Up Developing Open-Source AV Network

A start-up is to develop an open-source network for autonomous cars, planes and boats using $24M in funding it has received.

The DAV (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles) Foundation says the aim of the network will be to allow AVs using it to “discover, communicate and transact with each other”. The company says occupants of these vehicles will have access to “an entire ecosystem of self-driving vehicles on-demand that is able to bring them anything or take them anywhere”. It also purports to be enabling passenger access to objects such as drones, robots and charging stations.

A company statement says the network “will give more participants control over the pace and direction of AV innovation”, making the hardware and software development process simpler and more holistic so its users can provide “true mobility-as-a-service in the near term”.

The DAV Foundation also says it can offer fleet management solutions to ride-hailing companies and food and beverage companies that are experimenting with driverless deliveries. However, the start-up has already introduced driverless boat and drone services and is due to roll out its own ride-hailing network soon. It claims to be developing a process whereby a delivery journey’s “last mile” can be sub-contracted from one AV out to another.

The DAV network is now live. Foundation founder and CEO Noam Copel says it will encourage “all participants – businesses, citizens, manufacturers, insurers – to use it and integrate it into their everyday activities”.



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