Sprint joins with Ford to launch Solution Suite

Sprint joins with Ford to launch Solution Suite

Beginning this spring, 2009 Ford F-Series and E-Series vehicles – and, later,2009 Transit Connect vehicles – will offer an in-dashboard PC with Internet connectivity via the Sprint Nationwide Mobile Broadband Network.This capability provides the opportunity to leverage productivity application solutions via the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network, including real-time labour and material-cost capture, inventory updates, invoice generation and work-order edits and completion.

This new capability provides an unprecedented opportunity for job-site productivity gains and cost reductions. Work can be accomplished on site, on schedule and on budget. By minimizing the need to make trips back and forth to the office, fleets can reduce fuel consumption and their carbon footprint, and further enable the ability to “drive green.”

Organisations can now performtasks remotely at a job site or a customer or field location, increasing operational efficiencies and guaranteeing client satisfaction

“This joint collaboration between Ford and Sprint delivers unprecedented freedom to field work forces,” said Ed Pleet, Ford Work Solutions product & business development manager. “Now organisations' desktop business applications and systems can be brought where and when they are most needed – at the ‘front end’ of the cabs of F-Series and E-Series vehicles while they are on site.”

“This solution suite will empower organisations to continue to work hard while also working smart,” said Keith Dardis, regional vice president, Sprint. “We will provide our mutual customers with a competitive edge, unparalleled productivity and cost savings, and the opportunity to do their part to ‘drive green.’”

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