7th January 2019

Weekly Brief: This is the Moment of Truth for EVs in America

Remember last year when Tesla, General Motors and Nissan partnered up to lobby for an extension on the $7,500 federal tax credit for new EV purchases? It didn’t work,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

The Disrupters: Three-Wheeler Pointer to Wheels Coming Off EV Wagon?
4th January 2019

The Disrupters: Three-Wheeler Pointer to Wheels Coming Off EV Wagon?

It’s not exactly a reinvention of the wheel but the three-wheeled car has returned as a Canadian EV maker launched a new model. Electra Meccanica from Vancouver has opened...

By Robert Gray

2nd January 2019

Hyundai Fingerprint Tech Claims Five-Fold Increased Security

Following the trend for mobile device technology gravitating into the auto world, Hyundai is claiming a world first in bringing fingerprint recognition into its range. It says its automotive...


20th December 2018

EV Not Green Option, Says Prof in Swipe at Zealots

A German economist is calling for the automotive industry to consider future powertrain options on merit instead of “ideologies” in a direct swipe at EV zealots. Professor Ulrich van...


19th December 2018

Carmakers Must Consider EV Buyers’ Different Habits

Online carbuyers are increasingly hunting for EV transport solutions but in a markedly different way than traditional ICE consumers, according to a UK car brand analyst. It claims EVs...


19th December 2018

Dyson Could Clean-Up with Niche EVs

UK brand Dyson, long known for its quirky or innovative takes on consumer electronics, is leaping ahead several degrees of product category into the manufacture of battery electric vehicles....

By Eric Volkman


17th December 2018

Consumers Shunning Diesel Cars Blamed for More JLR Job Cuts

A further 5,000 jobs could be cut at UK carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) with much of the blame put on the slump in diesel engine sales. While industry...

14th December 2018

VW’s Sustainability Council Predicts Clean Energy Future Strategy

As part of Volkswagen’s on-going mea culpa following the Dieselgate scandal, its first Sustainability Council’s report is predicting a carbon-free powertrain future. The eight-member international panel, including climate change...


13th December 2018

Simulator Claims Big Advance in Carmakers’ ADAS Understanding

A simulation company has unveiled its latest laboratory environment it claims will help carmakers assess human interactions with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and artificial intelligence (AI). The latest...


13th December 2018

World’s Most Powerful Uncharged ICE From Aston Martin

Some may see the new Aston Martin Valkyrie engine as the last roar of a dying dinosaur but you won’t find that curbing the lust of most petrol-heads for...


12th December 2018

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Future Sees 2M FCEVs Annually By 2030

The Hyundai group has pledged itself to a hydrogen future promising to be making 500,000 vehicle-ready fuel-cells by 2030. The group, which includes the Kia brand, has announced its...


11th December 2018

Pininfarina EV Hypercar ‘Faster Than F1 Racer’

Pininfarina claims its new all-electric Battista hypercar will be the fastest Italian car ever made, out-accelerating today’s Formula One racing cars. With the equivalent of 1,900bhp, the car, named...