Siemens Launches AV-EV Design Simulation Package

Siemens Launches AV-EV Design Simulation Package

Siemens has launched a software program it claims can investigate a range of problems relating to the design of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles (AV-EVs).

The company says the package, part of its Simcenter suite of design programs, can address a range of design issues facing makers of the vehicles, including electric vehicles’ limited driving range, reliability of in-vehicle AI, sensor design and comfort for the occupants. Siemens is claiming it is the first ever in the AV-EV sector “specifically designed to help design engineers” address all of these issues simultaneously. It says the program’s able to run accurate simulations of a vehicle’s sensors, processors, powertrain and other components.

Siemens also claims the program offers the opportunity for an AV-EV’s powertrain and thermal components to be simulated alongside each other, simulation of the electrical and thermal systems to be connected to simulation of the motor “and design space exploration using thermal digital twin models”. It also claims to offer automotive design engineers “connectivity to electronic design automation tools and CAD design platforms”. Siemens PLM senior vice-president of simulation and test solutions Jan Leuridan said the program would allow “design teams to create virtual prototypes with ease and accuracy for optimal design efficiency”.

Commenting on the launch, Strategy Analytics executive director of automotive practice Ian Riches said his company was predicting that in the future, “the vast majority of self-driving cars will feature electrified powertrains … thermal design software such as Siemens’ new Simcenter solution is ideally suited to help OEMs and suppliers differentiate and win in the competitive AEV markets of the future”.


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