Seven Keys to Communicating in the Brazil Automotive Industry

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Dr. Orlando Kelm. Dr Kelm is an Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin where he teaches courses in Portuguese and Spanish, focusing mainly on business language and the cultural aspects of international business communication. He serves as the Director of the Portuguese Language Flagship Program, sponsored by the National Security Education Program of the Department of Defense.

In the 12-minute Audio Interview, Dr Kelm discusses these questions:

  • The books you have co-authored on Brazil, Mexico and Japan are all entitled “The Seven Keys to Communicating in…” with the subject country filled in for Brazil, Mexico or Japan. These seem like pretty different cultures. What are the seven keys in common that ties them together?
  • Is understanding Brazilian culture and business communication really that important to the automotive industry?
  • As a result of the pandemic, we are all traveling less and less. If North Americans are no longer as likely to travel to Brazil and vice versa, will the need to accommodate cross-cultural differences lessen as well?
  • If these seven keys to improving North American-Brazilian communication are as important as you suggest, what can leaders do to improve the situation? What would you suggest?
  • And provides his Final Thoughts.

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