Sensys launches 4th dimension in traffic management

Sensys launches 4th dimension in traffic management

This system measures and reports real-time travel times along a city traffic corridor, and is the first turn-key integrated and maintainable solution that meets the stringent accuracy requirements for urban traffic data systems.

Sensys Travel Time has created a fourth dimension in traffic management – arterial travel time. City transportation planners can now use arterial travel time along with speed, occupancy and volume measures to reduce traffic congestion. This infrastructure-based solution will reduce the amount of time vehicles are on the road, and cut fuel consumption, and vehicle pollution in metropolitan areas.

Travel Time uses the patented technology of re-identification where unique non-invasive and anonymous vehicle magnetic signatures are used to provide accurate times and vehicle density within major cities.

The system is easy to install and maintain, requiring no regular calibration. The scalability of Sensys Travel Time is very appealing to agencies as they can start with a few key arteries in the city and expand out over time to increase responsiveness and coverage.

The Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System has been deployed in more than twenty countries and thirty US states.

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