Road Tech invests £0.9m in new Tachomaster infrastructure


The additional capacity came fully online last week.

According to managing director Derek Beevor, Road Tech has now achieved its aim of having enough power and capacity for Tachomaster to deal with every digital tachograph record in Europe.

The new server room comprises 32 high-capacity servers with 142 CPUs and 274 hard disks, giving 123Tb (the equivalent capacity of around 250,000 CDs) of high quality, ultra resilient and fast storage.

Furthermore, all the equipment is duplicated in a separate building at Road Tech's Shenley Hall offices.

Each building can run independently of the other with its own power supply, diesel generators and connectivity to ensure true disaster recovery.

Beevor pointed out that Tachomaster customers receive a more sophisticated service than that offered by standard analysis bureaux.

"Tachomaster doesn't just analyse your Tachographs and send you infringement letters and a report several days or even weeks later," he said. "It's unique because it really is a live, real-time system where you can instantly analyse both your analogue and digital data. You can also immediately browse, interrogate and drill down through your information."

When a company uses Tachomaster, everyone can log in from anywhere with Internet access. The head office can see the entire operation at a glance and each depot manager can see his depot. In fact, if it chose to, a company could give every driver a personal login to enable them to view their own records from home.

"No other tachograph service has the capacity to offer this," said Beevor.

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