Renault and Nissan Open Innovation Lab in Israel

Renault and Nissan have founded a innovation laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel, taking advantage of the explosion of AI technology companies in the city.

Named the Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv, it is focusing on autonomy, cybersecurity, and big data, at least initially. There are currently ten resident startups at the facility developing their technology and products and learning from Renault and Nissan’s expertise. These are: Apollo Power, Argus, AutoTalks, BrightWay Vision, Electreon, Enigmatos, IRP systems, Karamba, Moodify, Saferide and Upstream.

With AI expected to take a major role in autonomous vehicle technology, it’s clearly a move to mop up as many relevant start-ups as the Alliance can achieveThe facility is also close to Tel Aviv’s experimental smart city zone, which should enable ease of use for testing and prototyping developments from the lab.

Alliance Ventures, Renault and Nissan’s venture capital fundplans to invest over $1Bn into startups and early-stage technology problems focused on solving problems within the automotive industry and has already invested in Maniv Mobility, a future mobility fund based in the city.

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