Porsche Develops Facial Recognition Vehicle Access

Porsche has developed a facial recognition system for owners to access vehicles simply by approaching them.

The carmaker teamed up with start-up Foghorn to create a smartphone app powered by ‘edge’ computing technology and machine learning to access vehicles, it claims, securely. The system uses multi-factor authentication, first Bluetooth detection and then facial recognition to guarantee security, according to Foghorn EMEA managing director Chad Boulanger.

“I don’t want to say it’s totally secure because that just opens yourself up to hackers but we definitely believe it’s more secure than a traditional key fob, because all someone has to do to gain access to your vehicle is get that key fob. With our system you need both your phone and your face to unlock the vehicle,” he told TU-Automotive.

Edge computing uses computation models and algorithms performed directly on a mobile device, rather than data being sent continuously to the cloud and so allows access in areas with little or no internet connection.

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