Polestar Points the Way with In-Cab Video App

In a clear nod towards the perceived future of in-cabin entertainment, Polestar has developed its own video streaming app for Polestar 2.

The beta app, which is available now in European, claims to bring web-based streaming content from various providers directly to the central display screen in the car. The automaker suggests this facility will help fight the boredom when the car is parked up and charging.

Content includes news services and national TV broadcasts where available, as well as a video playlist curated by Polestar. At launch, the app includes feeds from SVT in Sweden, TV2 in Norway, and GOPlay and RTBF in Belgium. All European markets also receive feeds from BBC Ideas, Al Jazeera English and Germany’s Tagesschau. Additional feeds specific to other markets will be added over time.

The video app can only be used when the car is not in motion. However, when streaming and switching out of Park, audio continues in the background, allowing occupants to continue to follow the broadcast. Data consumed by the app is included in the car’s data plan, meaning no extra costs for owners.

Polestar’s decision to adopt the Android Automotive OS is cited as one of the main reasons the automaker was able to develop its bespoke app with comparative ease. It says that as customer needs and desires evolve, so can the services and solutions it provides, and without the typical long lead times demanded by the traditional car industry.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said: “We have released the new Polestar video app in beta form so that our customers can start to enjoy the benefits of in-car video streaming sooner rather than later. We will receive feedback – both good and bad – that will help to refine the app based on thousands of use cases, rather than a small, defined set. We will also continue to add channels in the future, which gives the app huge growth potential since it is realistically able to integrate any web-based streams.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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