Pioneer launches new nav systems


Scheduled to arrive at retailers in July, Pioneer's flagship in-dash nav system – the AVIC-Z110BT – enables users to simultaneously access mapping and route guidance information, enjoy various forms of audio and video entertainment, control an Apple iPod®/iPhone® and a Bluetooth® enabled cell phone with natural voice commands and receive updated traffic, weather and local event information via an optional MSN Direct® tuner.

The AVIC-Z110BT offers new nav features including a Drive Report, Highway Sign Board Guidance and MSN Direct information. Using a Tele Atlas map database, the system delivers detailed mapping and text-to-speech route guidance for the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, as well as more than twelve million POIs.

  • The Drive Report: After refuelling, users can input the fuel price and mileage and the system will calculate and display varying trip costs for multiple proposed routes. Using this data, the user can select the most cost effective route. The unit can also estimate the vehicle's CO2 emissions based on actual driving habits and fuel consumption.
  • Highway Sign Boards / Junction View: Simulated highway signs will appear onscreen when a major junction approaches for a quick visual aid while navigating. The feature highlights the sign and the proper driving lanes the user should be in for passage through major interchanges and exits.
  • MSN Direct: The AVIC-Z110BT is designed to interface with an optional MSN Direct tuner to provide users (who subscribe and pay for the MSN Direct service) with updated traffic information. Available in 134 cities across the US and Canada, traffic incidents and traffic flow information are overlaid directly on the map and indicated by different coloured lines and traffic icons. In addition, MSN subscribers have access to weather forecasts, gas prices, movie times, news headlines, local events and stock quotes, all accessible directly on-screen.
  • Map View Modes: The system offers various creen views including 2D (North Up and Heading Up), 3D, street view and rear view map modes. In the 3D view map mode, more than 1,300 icons are displayed in 3D illustrations, including buildings, historical landmarks, baseball fields, etc.
  • Detailed City Maps: The system also includes a detailed city view for 65 major cities. In 2D view mode, mapping identifies the road and surrounding areas in its exact form such as road islands, building footprints, parks, baseball fields, city blocks, etc.
  • Brand Icons: Up to 58 easily recognisable brand logos can be overlaid onto the map to help users identify hotels, restaurants, banks, gas stations and specific chain store locations.

Pioneer Electronics has also launched the AVIC-X710BT and AVIC-X910BT nav systems, which build on the company's history of in-dash navigation systems by combining turn-by-turn navigation, audio and video entertainment and connectivity options including Apple iPod® and iPhone®, Bluetooth® cell phones, MSN® Direct (X910BT only), HD® Radio and SIRIUS XM® Satellite Radio.

Both models provide users with the latest and most comprehensive map database from Tele Atlas® covering the entire US, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, enabling users to route to millions of destinations including more than twelve million POIs.

Enhancements include Map View Modes, Highway Sign Boards, 3D icons and a redesigned Map Interface.

The AVIC-X910BT model includes a built-in MSN® Direct tuner which enables subscribers to receive updated traffic information for 134 cities across the US and Canada, weather forecasts, fuel prices, movie times, news headlines, local events and stock quotes.

Also available in July is Pioneer's new AVIC-U310BT – an affordable and feature rich in-dash nav system.

The AVIC-U310BT is an all-in-one solution that provides advanced navigation while freeing the average consumer's dash from various plug-in mobile navigation, communication, and entertainment components.

The nav platform features voice guidance and text-to-speech technology that enables the unit to provide verbal prompts to specific street names.

Powered by Tele Atlas®, the unit's comprehensive database covers the entire US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada and includes more than half a million POIs.

Pioneer's proprietary PC software, AVIC-FEEDS®, enables users to import custom destinations, POIs, and contact lists, upload photographs, create custom illumination colours and store a driving log.

Optional add-on packages allow users to add up to twelve million POIs or a Mexico map (via SD card).

The AVIC-U310BT offers three map views (2D North Up, 2D Heading Up and 3D), Highway Sign Board View, Drive Report.

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