Paragon cuts transport costs and boosts service levels


The Paragon system, integrated with Isotrak telematics, is being rolled out across Sainsbury's national distribution network.

Paragon's Fleet Controller system integrates Paragon Routing and Scheduling Optimiser with Isotrak's Active Transport Management System (ATMS) to capture real-time data such as vehicle location and driver tachograph outputs.

The new system integrates planning and telematics to dramatically enhance the accuracy and execution of each day's complex transport plans.

Paragon's Multi Depot routing, scheduling and transport optimisation solution has helped Fresh Direct to optimise its resources and improve customer service levels.

Fresh Direct makes 10,000 deliveries a week from its six regional depots to catering companies across the UK.

The Paragon system enables the company to accurately plan the ideal route from the appropriate depot and choose the most efficient vehicle for each delivery.

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