Nokia delivers highly relevant content with Ovi Store

Nokia delivers highly relevant content with Ovi Store

Opening in May, the Ovi Store is a scalable media distribution network, with advanced content targeting capabilities and monetisation options that allow content providers and application developers to leverage the power of Nokia's global scale in devices.

Beginning in March, content providers, developers and the existing Forum Nokia developer ecosystem can begin uploading their content at for distribution through the Ovi Store.

Content providers can sign up today for access.

The Ovi Store will consolidate content services including Download!, MOSH and WidSets to a single channel. It will offer personally relevant, up-to-the-minute media for devices, with content ranging from applications, games and videos to widgets, podcasts, location-based applications and personalisation content for Nokia Series 40 and S60 devices.

The Nokia N97 – available in June – will be the first device to include the simple and easy-to-use storefront.

Unlike traditional mobile storefronts, the Ovi Store, if enabled by the consumers, will target those consumers with tailored content based on Nokia's ability to take advantage of and learn from the consumer's location and social connections. From this point on, the media users consume is no longer just about what they're buying, but also where, when, why, and who bought what.

Consumers will be able to activate social discovery so that their social network content can be automatically surfaced and made available for download and repeat usage. Content will also be presented based on location, so that consumers will always have the most relevant information.

In using the current Nokia content services, the Ovi Store is expected to launch with an existing addressable device base of tens of millions while expanding the service to an estimate of 300 million consumers by 2012.

For content providers and developers, this provides an opportunity to individually reach potentially hundreds of millions of people, making it the world's largest media network.

Ovi Store will also be the premier distribution channel for applications commissioned by the Adobe and Nokia US$10 million Open Screen Project fund.

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