Nokia and Harman merge smartphones with in-vehicle infotainment, while intelligent transport systems services look set to soar

Nokia and Harman merge smartphones with in-vehicle infotainment, while intelligent transport systems services look set to soar

Tracking assets is old news. How about tracking sleep? KORE Telematics announced a partnership with Mach Communications in Australia to deliver the world’s first wireless sleep telemetry solution. KORE Telematics’ global communications platform will allow a new series of respiratory medical devices—ResMed S9—to automatically transfer vital clinical data between sleeping patients and a centrally monitored computer system for physicians to access.

“The trick with these implementations is in getting the details right—knowing where every byte of data is going and when it got there, and being able to provide rapid follow up in disparate time zones when extra support is needed,” says Mach Communications CEO Shane Murphy. “If we are doing our job correctly then we are invisible to the end user—it all just works."

The ResMed S9 series is designed to help patients with sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that causes respiration to cease during sleep. ResMed S9 captures detailed graphical data and high-resolution flow data and keeps a running log of therapy and compliance information. With KORE’s telemetry solution, that information can be sent and accessed around the world, enabling improved patient outcomes.

Nokia’s Terminal Mode

Nokia announced a partnership with Harman to develop technology that seamlessly integrates smartphones into in-vehicle infotainment systems. The goal is to make the full range of smartphone features, services, and applications available through high-resolution screens and audio systems embedded in the car. Known as Nokia’s Terminal Mode Initiative, the project has already landed some big brands, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche.

Yahoo! and Nokia join forces

Yahoo! and Nokia unveiled a strategic partnership in which Ovi Maps will power Yahoo! Maps and Yahoo! will provide all mail and messenger servers on Nokia handsets. Yahoo! Maps is a fringe player in the navigation world compared to Google Maps, MapQuest, and Bing, but Yahoo! and Nokia hope this deal will shift the balance. It’s yet to be determined if Yahoo! will offer Ovi Maps free turn-by-turn navigation.

Teletrac’s fleet management mapping

Teletrac released a new telematics solution, Fleet Director 8, which teams up with Microsoft Silverlight and BING Mapping technologies to provide advanced satellite maps, 2D- and 3D-perspective roadmaps, and live traffic information in real time. Fleet Director 8 also offers real-time vehicle monitoring and tracking from the desktop, automatic route optimization, and detailed reporting for advanced decision support and efficient regulatory compliance.

Trimble MRM’s ‘black box’ for cars

Trimble MRM debuted a ‘black box’ recorder to monitor and record the inner-workings of private cars, much like black box flight recorders do on airplanes. Trimble already has a black box product on the market for fleets, but the company envisions a benefit for private buyers as well. In sedans, SUVs, Minis, and convertibles, the Trimble black box will monitor overall condition, engine function, faults, and battery life, improving fuel economy and reducing repair and breakdown costs.

The rise of intelligent transport systems

Intelligent transport systems and services will constitute a €2.9-billion industry by 2020, forecasts innovITS, the UK’s center for excellence for transport telematics and technology. The proliferation of mobile app stores, some of them from OEMs like BMW and Ford, demonstrate the growing convergence between in-car and mobile technologies, innovITS says, while large investments directed toward connect vehicles, highways, and telecommunications will accelerate the growth of the sector. Despite these positive projections, innovITS warns of a lack of testing in scaled and connected environments.

India’s biowaste tracking system

The pollution control board in Mumbai rolled out a program to track vehicles transporting biowaste in India. Tata Autocomp Mobility Telematics designed and implemented the Waste Carrier Truck Management Solution—a GPS-based vehicle tracking solution that monitors biowaste collection and verifies disposal at designated dumpsites. By monitoring truck movement in real time based on street-level map data, the waste management solution hopes to prevent environmental and health hazards.

Waze hits Hollywood

Waze, a social mobile application that provides free turn-by-turn navigation and traffic updates based entirely on user input, is now available for drivers in Los Angeles. The app is available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android operating systems and already has 750,000 users worldwide, 300,000 of whom are located in Waze’s home country of Israel. But Los Angeles presents traffic challenges like nowhere else. Waze believes its combination of real-time crowd-sourced road intelligence, navigation games, and turn-by-turn directions will revolutionize the way people avoid traffic jams in the hot California sun.

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