Next-Gen Driver Monitoring Can Detect Emotions, Expressions

Swedish tech company Smart Eye’s ‘next generation’ driving monitoring system is able to detect changes in emotion or expressions on the faces of drivers.

By using interior sensors in the vehicle, the system can not only detect driver drowsiness or distraction, but expressions or emotions using artificial intelligence-powered face tracking software, as well as identifying specific faces for security and safety purposes, for instance allowing access to the vehicle via face ID, which German automaker Porsche is already trialing.

While the drowsiness or distraction features will be used for safety, encouraging the driver to take a break if the tech senses they’re getting tired, or calling for help in a medical emergency, there are many other uses for interior monitoring. 

Smart Eye says it could be used to tailor in-car entertainment to specific passengers, or to select certain driving modes based on emotions or expressions. It could also detect if something has been left in the vehicle, whether that be a bag, a pet, or a sleeping child.

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