New Cloud-Based Technology Reduces Emissions, Saves Fuel

Delphi Technologies has designed a system that uses automated and connected vehicle technologies to lower emissions, extend driving range, and boost fuel economy, the company claims.

In Delphi’s initial testing of its technology, it has reduced emissions by more than 10 percent when using a car with a mild-hybrid powertrain in real world conditions.

Furthermore, the company claims that when using a hybrid electric vehicle, emissions could be reduced even more using the same technology, and that this works across numerous powertrains, including internal combustion, hybrid, and full electric.

The system, which Delphi calls ‘Intelligent Driving’ works by collecting driving data such as speed, road conditions, topography, location, traffic light patterns, and congestion levels. This data is uploaded to the cloud where it is downloaded by an onboard computer, which actively adjusts vehicle speed and performance to balance the energy being used, which helps reduce emissions and increase fuel economy accordingly.

As the system is dependent on data, as more and more is collected and crunched by the algorithms, the better it will get, reducing more emissions and saving more fuel as time goes on. Delphi says it is working with multiple manufacturers for a possible 2021-2022 production timeframe.

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