New Build UK Homes Mandated For EV Chargers

Every new home built in the UK could come pre-installed with EV chargers in the government’s bid to boost the painfully slow uptake of the technology.

In what the government claims is a “world first”, it hopes to mandate building regulations to make EV charging infrastructure compulsory in every new build. It is currently carrying out a public consultation updating building regulations on the prospect, alongside many other ways to improve the charging experience and support EV owners, which includes contactless card payments at public EV chargers across the country.

The chargers would be similar to what can be installed via a £500 grant from the government for existing homes today. Namely, that is either 3.6kW or 7kW AC chargers, capable of charging a car in 11 hours or 5-7 hours. These chargers are hoped to help towards the government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy, which aims for zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The public consultation document notes that: “Charging cars at home overnight using a dedicated chargepoint also has wider system benefits by enabling EVs to play their full part in our future smart and flexible energy system.”

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