More Revs, More Speed for Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Bugatti promises more power and higher speed for its latest Super Sport model, the Chiron Super Sport.

The automaker says its has comprehensively overhauled the Chiron 8.0-liter W16 engine, boosting its performance by 97bhp to 1,176 kW/1,590bhp. At the same time, the vehicle weight was reduced by a further 50.6lbs. Modifications were made to the turbochargers, oil pump and cylinder head with valve train, as well as to the transmission and clutch.

Michael Kodra, head of drive development at Bugatti, said: “We increased the revolutions per minute for even greater longitudinal acceleration and an even more emotive driving experience.” The engine’s rev range was increased by 300rpm to up to 7,100rpm, while 1180ft-lbs of torque is now available from between 2,000rpm and 7,000rpm, upped by 1,000rpm.

Much of this performance boost comes thanks to larger turbochargers with more efficient compressor wheels, while the seven-gear dual-clutch transmission at full load and full speed transitions from sixth to seventh gear at 250mph, 7% quicker that the standard Chiron. The Chiron Super Sport claims a 0-to-124mph in 5.8 seconds and to 186mph in 12.1 seconds.

In order to achieve seamless acceleration at full throttle, boost pressure must remain close to maximum while the hyper sports car rapidly builds momentum and reaches its optimal speed. When changing gear, the pressure dips only very briefly for a mere 0.3 seconds, to then return to full boost pressure of 2.8 bar to fill the Chiron Super Sport’s W16 engine.

Chassis setup

A new chassis has been developed for the Chiron Super Sport’s high speeds and new aerodynamics. The steering systems and dampers create a firmer and more rigid connection to the vehicle from the driving feel, claiming tighter steering for smoother steering movements. Harder springs stabilize the entire vehicle at top speed and the engineers additionally also retuned the electronically controlled chassis. It regulates the settings in real-time in a matter of six milliseconds and adapts to the driving behavior. There is a choice of four driving modes – EB, Handling, Autobahn and Top Speed.

Special tires have had to be developed in the shape of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires which can consistently drive at speeds up to 310mph. This is made possible by reinforced belts that can cope with immense forces – verified on the test bench originally built for the Space Shuttle. Every tire is x-rayed following production in order to rule out even the most minuscule of irregularities.

The model builds on Bugatti’s previous Super Sport model, the Chiron Super Sport 300+, with the record-breaking vehicle hitting a top speed of 304.773mph. This served as the basis for a few-off model of just 30 units featuring a similar design and color elements. The automaker will soon begin with the manufacture of the Chiron Super Sport in Molsheim, France. Delivery of the hyper sports cars with an on the road price tag of €3.2M ($3,855,170) is scheduled to start early 2022.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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